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Meet Siaani Lane – Photos of Charli Baltimore’s Daughter With Facts You Don’t Know

Meet Siaani Lane – Photos of Charli Baltimore’s Daughter With Facts You Don’t Know

Siaani Lane, the daughter of Charlie Baltimore, an American rapper and composer, was born on January 30, 1995. Charli’s youngest daughter, India Lane, is the younger sister of the lovely aspiring model.

The proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Sianni and India, has never married. Despite the fact that she gave birth to her children at a young age, Charlie has never revealed their father’s name (s).

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Charli Baltimore’s Split Image

Siaani Lane, the daughter of American rapper Charli Baltimore, is an aspiring cosmetic artist and DJ.

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The daughter of American rapper Charlie Baltimore has grown up and looks much like her lovely mother.

The iconic red fire hair was certain to have an impact in the hip-hop industry. Siaani, Charli’s youngest daughter, has adopted not just her mother’s signature characteristics and personality, but also her hairdo. Siaani looks wonderful, and the striking similarity between the young Sianni and her mother has astonished fans.

Siaani has an older sister, while India Lane has a younger sister.

The daughters of Charli Baltimore, the hip hop queen of the 1990s, are outstanding young women who have excelled in their chosen fields. Siaani Lane and India Lane, two sisters who appear alike, have a deep friendship and are on their way to glory.

Siaani’s 22nd Birthday Celebration

Siaani, who is now 24 years old, enjoyed a lavish 22nd birthday celebration in 2017. Siaani Lane, India Lane’s youngest daughter and younger sister, celebrated her grand 22nd birthday at a private loft in Philadelphia. The redhead beauty’s birthday celebration was themed around a home party, and the aspiring DJ played the turntables herself. Charli Baltimore, a well-known mother of two, was also present at the reception.

Siaani is a DJ as well.

Charlie was one of the few female emcees who was worth a record deal, while never gaining mainstream success. Similarly, Siaani, the young daughter, is following in her mother’s footsteps and building a reputation for herself in the industry. As a skilled makeup artist and DJ, Siaani is causing a stir in the fashion and music industries. Siaani credits Charlie with motivating her, and she also credits her mother with being the epitome of a hustler and entrepreneur.

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