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Meet Shelly Cryer – American Conductor Michael Stern’s Wife Since 2006, 5 Facts

Meet Shelly Cryer – American Conductor Michael Stern’s Wife Since 2006, 5 Facts

Michael Stern, the son of American violinist Isaac Stern, is an American symphony conductor. Stern is the music director and chief conductor of the Kansas City Symphony in Kansas City, Missouri. He was the conductor of the Orchestre National de Lyon in France before joining Symphony. Stern performed with orchestras in Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, and other European cities during his time with Orchestre National.

Michael Stern is a devoted husband and father. He married Shelley Cryer in 2006, and the two have been together ever since. Shelly Cryer, Michael Stern’s wife, is included here, along with some of her lesser-known facts.

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With her husband Michael Stern, she has two daughters.

Shelly Cryer and Michael Stern have been married for over a decade. And they are loving and caring for each other to the fullest in their marriage.

Michael and Shelly, the jovial couple, are the proud parents of two lovely daughters. Hannon Stern, Shelly’s first child, was born in 2007. In 2009, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Nora Stern, into the world.

Shelly Cryer and Michael Stern have two daughters together. Shelly Cryer/Facebook. Image credit: Shelly Cryer/Facebook.

Shelly and Michael have kept the specifics about their stunning children out of the public eye. Michael, on the other hand, rarely speaks publicly about his girls, while his wife frequently posts images of them on her Facebook page.

a member of a musical clan

Shelly Cryer, a native of Greenwich, Connecticut, can’t sing in tune, can’t play an instrument, and claims to have no musical skill. She, on the other hand, comes from a musical family and is involved in the music industry in a unique way.

Shelly’s long-time spouse, Michael Stern, is an American Symphony Conductor, as previously stated. Stern’s time with the Symphony began in 2004 as a music director designate. Shelly’s partner is also the founder music director of the Germantown, Tennessee-based IRIS Orchestra. He also conducts orchestras in the United States, Europe, and Asia as a guest conductor.

Shelly’s father-in-law, Isaac Stern, was also a well-known American violinist at the time. For his collaborations with pianist Eugene Istomin and cellist Leonard Rose, he won a Grammy. In 2012, a roadway in Tel Aviv was named after Isaac Stern in his honor.

Shelly Cryer, Michael Stern’s wife, is not a well-known musician like her husband and father-in-law. She is, nonetheless, an important contributor to classical music in the United States. Cryer is the producer of Curiosity Events, a series of free classical music concerts for Greenwich families.

Shelly’s Curiosity Performances were a series of free classical music concerts for the whole family held at various locations throughout Greenwich. In 2014, professional musicians performed the concerts, which included Sonic Escape, a trio of insanely gifted musicians.

Her daughters are aspiring musicians as well.

Shelly and Michael Stern’s daughters developed musical interests as a result of growing up in a musical family. Michael’s tiny princesses have written a couple of songs on their own, inspired by their parents.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Hannon and Nora created their own version of Maroon 5’s Girls Like You. They spoke up about how bored they were during the Coronavirus-induced confinement. Michael’s children also used their composition to send a message about staying safe from the virus.

Involved in philanthropic endeavors

Shelly, Michael Stern’s gorgeous lady, is actively concerned in the welfare of humankind. She is well-known in the Greenwich community for her charity efforts.

Humanitarian Shelly frequently contributes to the fundraisers organized by her friends and family. Furthermore, she appears to be actively concerned in assisting and enhancing the standard of living of Afghan refugees. Cryer often updates her Facebook acquaintances, pushing them to purchase Afgan refugees’ handcrafted goods.

A Writer

Michael Stern’s wife Shelly Cryer is an author as well as a classical music contributor. In 2008, she published a book called “The Nonprofit Career Guide: How to Land a Job That Makes a Difference.”

Shelly’s book is a must-read for anybody interested in working in the nonprofit sector. The Nonprofit Career Guide is chock-full of advice from experts who have worked in a variety of NGOs.

Michael Stern’s wife is also the founder of the Nonprofit Sector Workforce Coalition and the Initiative for Nonprofit Sector Careers.

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