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Meet Sharron Gossett – Photos Of Louis Gossett Jr.’s Son With Cyndi James Gossett

Meet Sharron Gossett – Photos Of Louis Gossett Jr.’s Son With Cyndi James Gossett

Louis Gossett Jr. is a well-known and well-liked actor who has been on film, television, and theater. He is also a well-known producer, writer, and director. Louis, the Oscar winner, is a hero not just onscreen; he is a hero in real life as well. Louis is a social activist, educator, and author who is dedicated to improving people’s lives in addition to being an award-winning African-American entertainment personality.

In his lifetime, Louis married three times. He is also the father of two beautiful sons. Louis has two children, the youngest of whom is Sharron Gossett.

Stay with us for the rest of this story to learn more about Sharron Gossett, Louis Gossett Jr.’s son.

Louis Gossett’s adopted son

Louis Gossett Jr., an Emmy Award winner, married and divorced three times. He married Hattie Glascoe in August 1964, however the marriage was later annulled. On August 21, 1973, Louis married Christina Mangosing for the second time. Satie Gossett, their son, was born in 1974, before they officially divorced in 1975.

On December 25, 1987, Louis married for the third time with Cyndi James Gossett, after two failed marriages. The couple did not have a kid despite having been married for a long period. As a result, in 1989, Louis and Cyndi adopted Sharron Gossett, a son. His parents separated in 1992, three years after his adoption, citing irreconcilable disagreements.

In 1989, Louis Gossett Jr. adopted his second child, Sharron Gossett. Deanna April Gossett/Deanna April Gossett/Facebook

Louis, Sharron’s father, ran across him on the street with his biological mother. Initially, Louis intended to help Sharron financially with his food and clothing. He did, however, appear to ask Sharron’s mother for physical and legal custody, which he received in 1989.

There are currently no details on Sharron’s education or other relevant information available to the public. However, we do know that he is today a Los Angeles-based chef who also teaches cooking classes. Sharron works at The Private Chef’s Table, a restaurant in Westlawn Avenues, Los Angeles.

His brother is a movie director.

Satie Gossett, Sharron’s brother, is likewise a well-known personality in the American entertainment industry, like their star father. He is a filmmaker, writer, and producer living in Los Angeles. Satie worked on a number of short films, including Departure, Jewtholic, and Forgiveness, as a producer and director.

Satie Gossett, Sharron’s brother, is a filmmaker. Image courtesy of Satie Gossett on Facebook.

Satie, Sharron’s brother, also works for the Social Cinema Foundation and the LAUSD Arts Education Branch to help the city of Los Angeles establish a vibrant arts culture.

Since 2009, I’ve been in a committed relationship.

Sharron, Louis Gossett Jr.’s privacy-conscious son, is a married guy. On the 10th of August 2009, he married Deanna April Gossett in Sherman Oaks, California. Sharron and Deanna’s Japanese-inspired wedding was attended by their close friends and family.

Sharron wore a dark suit with a maroon shirt, while his wife, Dianna, wore a long white bridal gown down the aisle.

The couple has two boys, who frequently appear on the red carpet with their grandfather, Louis.

Life Outside of the Spotlight

Sharron, Louis Jr.’s youngest kid, appears to be a very private person. He doesn’t appear in front of the media very often. Sharron appears to be adamant about not allowing the press to intrude into his personal life.

Sharron also doesn’t have any social media accounts set up in his name. In addition, his relatives rarely share images of him.

Sharron Gossett is a name with a meaning.

The name Sharron comes from the Hebrew word sharon, which meaning “land of Sharon” (the holy ground).

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