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Meet Selena Taylor – Photos Of Neil Peart’s Daughter With Jacqueline Taylor

Meet Selena Taylor – Photos Of Neil Peart’s Daughter With Jacqueline Taylor

Selena Peart Taylor is best known as the eldest daughter of Neil Peart, the drummer for the rock band Rush. She was, however, the oldest and only child of Jacqueline Taylor, the Canadian musician’s first wife.

Selena has been in the spotlight since she was a youngster, thanks to her father’s celebrity. As a result, major media outlets covered her untimely death. So, what was the cause of Selena Taylor’s death, Neil Peart’s daughter? This post will tell you all you need to know.

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Neil Peart’s eldest child

Selena Taylor was the oldest child of Canadian singer, poet, and composer James Taylor. She was Neil’s first wife, Jacqueline Taylor’s, daughter. Neil and Jackie had been married for more than two decades and had given birth to their sole child at a young age.

Selena Taylor, Neil Peart’s daughter, was born in Canada on April 22, 1978. Selena must have had a wonderful upbringing because she was the couple’s only child. Despite his celebrity, the Rush drummer was a reclusive man, and little is known about his personal life.

The Peart family, on the other hand, became well-known after Selena Taylor’s terrible death.

Neil Peart’s Daughter Was Killed In An Automobile Accident

Selena, the drummer for Rush, was tragically killed in a traffic accident in Brighton, Ontario. On August 10, 1997, Neil Peart’s daughter was involved in a single-car accident on Highway 401. Her jeep allegedly rolled multiple times on the highway after that, killing her.

Selena Taylor was only 19 years old when she died, and she was supposedly on her way to college when she died. According to Grunge, Peart rode his motorcycle to a gas station in Ontario and guided his daughter there. Taylor did make it to her destination, but she perished later that day in a single-car accident.

Selena Taylor, the daughter of drummer Neil Peart, was killed in a single-car collision. Wikimedia Commons is the source of this image.

Neil Peart and his then-wife, Jackie, were sad after losing their kid and tried to cope with their grief. In addition, Selena Taylor’s mother, Jacqueline, died of cancer only eleven months later.

The guitarist had a difficult time after losing both his daughter and wife in the span of a year.

After the tragedy, Neil Peart traveled and wrote a book.

As previously stated, Neil’s wife of 23 years, Selena, died of cancer shortly after Selena’s death. The musician, on the other hand, took an extended break from his career to grieve. On his motorcycle, he journeyed across Central and North America to reflect on his life.

Selena Taylor’s father also opted to use his words to capture his emotional as well as geographical journey. As a way of dealing with his grief, he wrote Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road, which disclosed a lot about Selena’s death and the aftermath.

Neil Peart revealed in the book that his wife, Jacqueline, was distraught over their daughter’s death and was unconcerned about anything else. He blamed her death on a shattered heart, even referring to it as “slow suicide by apathy.”

Peart also wrote that he notified his Rush bandmates that he was retiring. However, Neal overcame his tragedy and returned to play with them.

He, too, went on with his life and married a wonderful woman.

Selena Taylor’s Father Remarried

Neil, as previously said, went throughout America after the death of his wife and children. He subsequently went on to write and publish a book on his loss and journey, which was a commercial success. After Selena and her mother died two years ago, photographer Andrew MacNaughtan introduced her father to Carrie Nuttall. The two quickly became friends and began dating.

Neil Taylor, Selena Taylor’s father, married Carrie in a small wedding on September 9, 2000. Olivia Louise Peart, the couple’s only child, joined them in marriage. Olivia Taylor, Selena Taylor’s sister, was born in 2009, more than a decade after she died.

Neil Peart was diagnosed with brain cancer, which brought tragedy to the Peart family once more. The disease had been kept a well guarded secret until the drummer succumbed to it on January 7th, 2020. On January 10, his family made a statement confirming his death.

Fans and other musicians were devastated at the news. People took to social media to express their sorrow and offer condolences.

Let’s hope Neil Peart, his first wife, Jacqueline Taylor, and their daughter, Selena Taylor, are all at peace.

Selena is a name with a lot of meaning.

Selena is a feminine name with Greek roots that means “moon.”

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