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Meet Scarlett Tes – Photos of Jack White’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Karen Elson

Meet Scarlett Tes – Photos of Jack White’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Karen Elson

Scarlett Teresa, the eldest daughter of Third Man Records founder Jack White and his ex-wife Karen Elson, is the eldest daughter of Jack and Karen. Henry Lee’s cute younger brother is the big sister of the twelve-year-old daughter.

Jack, a garage musician, and Karen Elson, his former supermodel wife, met in 2005 and married on June 1, 2005. Jack and Karen are the proud parents of two adorable children, Scarlett Teresa and Henry Lee. Despite being together for nearly five years, the ex-lovebirds called it quits in June 2011.

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Scarlett Teresa White adores her loved ones.

Scarlett, the family’s only daughter, has a close bond with her family, and their relationship is admirable. Since the birth of her daughter, the delighted mother claims that her life has taken on a wonderful new meaning. Karen describes her daughter as an amazing young lady who makes being her mother a delight since she teaches her something new every day. White, on the other hand, is highly private and shares very little facts about his personal life, even going so far as to spread fake information. Despite the lack of details regarding the baby girl, it is clear that the father and daughter have a close relationship.

White’s and Elson’s Only Daughter

Scarlett is a sweetheart. Teresa White is Jack White’s eldest daughter from his first marriage to Karen Elson. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Scarlett, the family’s eldest daughter and only daughter, was born on May 2, 2006. Scarlett, however, is not the family’s only child; she is Henry Lee White’s older sister. The siblings have a close bond, and the brother-sister relationship is unbreakable.

Despite their divorce, White and Elson are still on good terms and considered trusted friends. The soulmates are grateful for the time they’ve spent together as parents, watching their children grow up. Furthermore, in honor of their lifelong friendship and to commemorate the past and future, the two organized a weird divorce party.

Scarlett Teresa White is a baby girl’s name with a meaning.


Scarlett is a name for a baby girl that is feminine. The feminine version of the surname is derived from an English surname. The name “Scarlett” has a professional connotation, alluding to someone who sells scarlet cloth.


The name “Teresa” is a popular feminine name with an etymology that is unknown. However, the name is thought to be derived from the Greek word “theriazen.” “Teresa” means “to reap” or “to gather in,” therefore “Teresa” is a “harvester” by definition.

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