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Meet Samantha Morton’s Children That She Have With Partner Harry Holm

Meet Samantha Morton’s Children That She Have With Partner Harry Holm

Samantha Jane Morton, aka Samantha Morton, is an English actress and the mother of three children. Morton has two kids named Edie Holm and Theodore Holm with her partner Harry Holm.

Esme Creed-Miles is the eldest daughter of the English actress Samantha. She welcomed Esme with her ex-partner Charlie Creed-Miles. Edie and Theodore Holm’s half-sister Esme is an actress best known for starring in the Amazon Video series Hanna.

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Edie and Theodore Holm Were Born In 2008 and 2012

Samantha Morton’s children, whom she shares with her partner Harry Holm are named Theodore Holm and Edie Holm. Edie, being the eldest among the two, was born in the year 2008. After 4 years, Theodore was born in the year 2012. Further, the mother has often kept her mouth shut when it comes to sharing her children’s information. However, back in August 2010, the actress, together with her 2 and 1/2 years old daughter, Edie at the time, was seen attending the Night Garden Live at the O2 in London.

Samantha Morton’s daughter Edie Holm was born in the year 2008. Image Source: People and Getty Images.

Moreover, Edie and Theodore Holm’s half-sister Esme Creed-Miles was born on the 5th of February 2000. As mentioned before, she is the daughter of British actress, Morton whom she shares from her previous relationship with Charlie Creed-Miles.

Except For Esme Both Of Samantha Morton’s Children Live A Low Key Life

Despite being a popular figure, Morton is successful in keeping her two children away from the spotlight. It seems like the English actress is protective of her kids and wants them to enjoy a private life.

Moreover, Samantha and Harry are notoriously famous for keeping their personal life out of their professional life. Hence, there is not much information revealed regarding the schooling of the two kids.

Well, whatever the case is, the sweet and lovely family seems to support each other in thick and thin. It looks like Edie and Theodore also share quite a good bond. Harry Holm’s kids seem comfortable with their low-key lifestyle as well.

Name Meaning: Samantha Morton’s Children

Edie Holm: Edie is a universal name derived from Old English origin word Edith providing the meaning of “wealth, blessed” and “battle, fight.” While Theodore Holm: Theodore is a masculine name of Greek origin meaning “God’s gift.”

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