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Meet Ruby Ever Copeland – Photos of Ex-Wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland’s Daughter with wife Beth Phoenix

Meet Ruby Ever Copeland – Photos of Ex-Wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland’s Daughter with wife Beth Phoenix

Edge, aka Adam Joseph Copeland, is the proud father of two little kids. Ruby Ever Copeland, one of Adam “Edge” Copeland’s daughters, was born on May 31, 2016. Edge, an ex-wrestler, and his wife Beth Phoenix have a daughter.

Edge, as previously stated, is the father of two children. Lyric Rose Copeland is Edge’s eldest daughter and Ruby’s older sister. On December 12th, 2013, Lyric was born.

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Edge’s youngest daughter, Ruby Ever Copeland

We must confess, though, that no matter how ferocious these wrestlers appear in the ring, they have a tender side as well. And we get to witness their off-ring side, as well as their fans and family. When Ruby was born, The Rated R Superstar Edge tweeted that he has a hunch his beautiful little one will move mountains.

Who knows what’s on Edge’s mind, but he might be planning to turn his daughter Ruby Ever into a tough wrestler like him and his wife, Beth. On their social media accounts, Edge and his wife share a lot of images of their baby girl Ruby Ever Copeland. However, unlike The Undertaker with his daughter Kaia Faith Calaway, they do not expose their child’s face in most of the images. Perhaps Edge, too, wants to keep his princess out of the spotlight. He does, however, occasionally post cute footage of his child.

Edge certainly enjoys his baby child, as evidenced by some of the images he posts. When Adam “Edge” Copeland’s daughter Lyric asked him to dress up as Elsa for Halloween, he did so without hesitation and tweeted the photo.

Ruby Ever Copeland and Lyric Rose Copeland, daughters of former wrestler Edge. Edge’s Twitter is the source of this image.

Ruby Ever Copeland, like her father Edge, has blonde hair. She also enjoys going on walks with her family and playing lawn tennis. Ruby’s younger sister, Lyric, has given her the moniker “Ruby The Destroyer.”

Ruby Ever Copeland, Edge’s daughter, enjoys playing lawn tennis. Edge’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Ruby Ever Copeland is a name with a deep meaning.

Ruby is a name derived from the gemstone Ruby. It derives from the Latin word ruber, which meaning “red.”

Ever is an English baby name that means “strong as a boar” in English.

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