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Meet Roosevelt Jolie Serfaty- Photos of Sunlen Serfaty’s Baby Girl With Husband Alexis Serfaty

Meet Roosevelt Jolie Serfaty- Photos of Sunlen Serfaty’s Baby Girl With Husband Alexis Serfaty

Sunlen Serfaty, a CNN congressional correspondent, gave birth to his daughter Roosevelt Jolie Serfaty on May 30, 2017. Alexis Serfaty, the baby’s father, works as a policy adviser in Washington. He is the vice-president and chief of staff of the United States-United Arab Emirates Business Council.

Roosevelt is the couple’s first child together. A common buddy acquainted the two of them. In 2013, their romance blossomed into a marriage. The couple considers themselves fortunate to have Roosevelt in their lives.

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Sunlen Serfaty’s Baby Girl Is Called “Rose Field”

Every parent has a personal connection to their child’s name. They choose a name that refers to one of their favorite places, a certain time, or their first location. When it comes to a child’s name, it’s always a fascinating part. It exposes details about a couple’s former relationship as well as nice memories. Even celebrities, such as Sunlen Serfaty, have given their children the name ‘Rose Field.’

Alexis Serfaty and Sunlen Serfaty with their daughter Roosevelt Jolie Serfaty. The Washingtonian is the source of this image.

‘Rose Eld’ alludes to Washington, D.C.’s Rose Park. From their first meeting to their wedding in 2013, it is the location where the pair has enjoyed many wonderful moments. Roosevelt was the name of their daughter, and it was a memorable day. Isn’t it lovely?

Sunlen Serfaty is pictured here with her husband, Alexis Serfaty. Washintonian is the source of this image.

Sunlen Serfaty Took Maternity Leave For Roosevelt, Her Daughter

Every woman, especially during pregnancy, deserves to be prioritized in their work. Her workplace, CNN, granted her maternity leave. She had gone to the Hill during her leave to spend time with her daughter.

CNN’s thoughtfulness for her was greatly appreciated. In a tweet, she conveyed her gratitude to CNN for a terrific experience. Take a look around.

In social media, there isn’t much else about Sunlen’s daughter. Her Instagram account isn’t open to the public. Sunlen does not appear to want the public’s attention drawn to her personal life. Roosevelt Jolie Seerfaty, Sunlen Serfaty’s baby girl, is now two years old. It’s safe to assume that the mother-daughter duo is having a wonderful time together.

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