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Meet Roberto Zincone – Malin Akerman’s Ex-Husband

Meet Roberto Zincone – Malin Akerman’s Ex-Husband

Roberto Zincone, the ex-husband of Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman, is a musician and drummer. When they were both members of The Petalstones, the ex-couple met in 2003. On June 20, 2007, they married.

Following a six-year marriage, Malin and Roberto divorced on November 25, 2013. Sebastian Zincon is the name of their kid.

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Malin Akerman and Roberto Zincone’s Failed Relationship

Malin Akerman and Roberto Zincon met while working together in the rock band The Petalstones in 2003, and their love blossomed. The couple got off to a wonderful start in their relationship. Because Roberto is Italian and speaks only a few words of English, they were unable to communicate effectively. Despite the language issue, they used to spend their time together.

Roberto Zincone, the ex-husband of actress Malin Ackerman, is an Italian musician and drummer. Roberto’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Malin Ackerman and Roberto Zincone were married on June 20, 2007 at the Grand Hotel Moon Valley in Sorrento, Italy. Sebastian Zincone, their first child, was born on April 16, 2013. They stunned the public when they announced their separation on November 25, 2013, only seven months after their son was born. The ex-couple claimed that they ended their relationship amicably. However, the explanation behind this is still unknown.

Roberto Zincone and Malin Ackerman were married for six years. Image courtesy of In Style.

Roberto Zincone, the ex-husband of actress Malin Ackerman, has stayed out of the spotlight since the couple’s breakup. He seemed to be having fun while pursuing his drumming hobby. He frequently updates his Instagram account with new content. According to his social media, he is currently engaged in a recording session.

Malin Ackerman Is Willing To Give Love Another Chance

Malin Ackerman has finally found her sweetheart for the second time after many years as a single mother. On December 1, 2018, she married British actor Jack Donelly in Mexico. Malin, the lovely actress, seemed to be content with her second marriage to husband Jack. Above all, she adores her son Sebastian, and she has maintained her positive outlook.

The audience is interested in learning more about Malin Ackerman’s ex-husband Roberto Zincone’s plans to find the love of his life. Despite the fact that the ex-couple Malin and Roberto did not make it to the finish, we wish them all the happiness in the world with the person they choose to be with.

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