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Meet Rhonda McCullough – Photos Of Late Bernie Mac’s Wife Who Was By His Side Till His Last Breath

Meet Rhonda McCullough – Photos Of Late Bernie Mac’s Wife Who Was By His Side Till His Last Breath

Late Bernard Rhonda McCullough, the wife of Bernie Mac, Jeffrey McCullough, is a trustworthy individual. It’s because she was always by Bernie Mac’s side. The pair had never had a single miscommunication and had a great affection for each other.

On January 21, 1978, Bernie Mac and his wife had a beautiful daughter, Je’Niece Childress. The McCulloughs were a happy and successful family back then.

Rhonda McCullough, Bernie Mac’s wife, stayed at his side till he died. Ebony Magazine provided the images for this article.

Regrettably, Bernie Mac, the comedian, died on August 9, 2008. Following that tragedy, the family disintegrated into shards. Rhonda and her daughter did not abandon each other despite their helplessness.

For over three decades, Bernie Mac and Rhonda McCullough have been in love.

Rhonda McCullough, Bernie Mac’s wife, has been by his side for almost 30 years. The pair shared a strong bond of love and affection for one another. From the beginning of their marriage to the end, she was always there for her high school sweetheart.

Bernie Mac died as a result of pneumonia complications, but their love will live on forever. She also expressed her longing for her husband’s big gut laugh, as well as all the joking and fooling. Not only that, but Rhonda also stated that he was her greatest love and that she often thinks about him.

Because we seldom stay in the same area for long periods of time, she had to move on with her life rather than reminiscing about the painful and sorrowful memories of the past. So, in 2011, she took another step forward and married her now-husband Horce Gilmore. And that’s how Rhonda McCullough and her current partner, Horce Gilmore, began their new family. She has an Instagram account where she posts pictures of herself and her boyfriend Horce Gilmore.

The Relationship Between Bernie Mac’s Wife, Rhonda McCullough, and Their Daughter

As previously said, the mother and daughter took on the burden of looking after each other. So it’s clear that they have a warm and caring relationship. They also lived together after Bernie Mac’s death. Rhonda McCullough took Je’Niece and her two-year-old daughter in so she wouldn’t feel left out.

Jesse Jackson and Rhonda McCullough’s daughter, Je’Niece Childress. Zimbio is the source of the images.

To summarize, Rhonda McCullough, Bernie Mac’s wife, possesses the characteristics of a perfect wife. She is also a naturally lovable person. We wish her all of the happiness and delights that were lost when her first husband died.

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