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Meet Remi Rogue Walker – Photos Of Cody Walker’s Daughter With Wife Felicia Knox

Meet Remi Rogue Walker – Photos Of Cody Walker’s Daughter With Wife Felicia Knox

Cody Walker, the late Paul Walker’s brother, is a great actor like his brother. His most well-known roles include Furious 7 and In Memory of Paul. He is currently married to Felicia Knox Walker, who is his better half. On August 15, 2015, the adorable couple married the wedding.

Remi Rogue Walker, the couple’s beautiful daughter, was born on December 1, 2017. She weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces and stood 20 inches tall at the time of her delivery. Her mother’s blond hair and her father’s attractive appearance have been passed down to her. With mesmerizing blue eyes, she is her parents’ little angel. So, let’s learn more about Cody and Felicia Walker’s adorable girl.

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The Little Angel of the Father

Remi Rogue Walker, Cody Walker’s daughter, is without a doubt an angel. She is adorably gorgeous, and she resembles her father in appearance. In reality, the father-daughter pair enjoys spending time together. Remi, like his father Cody, is a vehicle enthusiast. She’s been spotted driving small baby automobiles and even accompanying her father on a long car ride.

Cody and his daughter also enjoy the fresh air and relaxed ambiance of the countryside. They spend a significant amount of their free time there. Cody takes his daughter to the countryside not just because it is where he can find peace of mind and beauty in nature, but also because it is where he can find peace of mind and beauty in nature. He carries his daughter in his arms or on his shoulders at times. His daughter appreciates the time she spends with her father as well. Cody thinks it’s a father-daughter thing when she grins at him and he softly massages her head.

A Lovely Three-Person Family

Cody’s wife stood by him after his brother Paul died tragically. Their lives were irrevocably transformed when she gave birth to their first kid. Cody was struck by a sense of new optimism and a desire to do something. He claims that the more time he spends with his wife and daughter, the more content he becomes. The three-person family can be seen spending time among beaches and, unsurprisingly, natural beauty.

Remi and her wonderful parents, Cody and Felicia, are spending some time together. Cody’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Furthermore, Remi’s mother appears to be a private person who prefers to keep her personal life hidden from the public eye. Perhaps this is why she keeps her Instagram account secret. When it comes to her and Remi’s connection, we can only imagine she’s a fantastic mother. She, like her father Cody, must have a strong bond with her daughter.

a carbon copy of

Remi, as previously said, is a carbon clone of her father Cody. She is a vehicle enthusiast who enjoys racing. Cody carries his daughter everywhere he goes, which may explain why his daughter looks so much like him. She also sleeps like her father, and her gorgeous smile when someone carries her is priceless.

Cody, Remi’s father, is someone Remi enjoys spending time with. Cody’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Furthermore, the photos Cody posts of his daughter are incredible. As fans, we can plainly perceive the chemistry between them and their bond. It’s a joy to observe the sweet father-daughter dynamic.

Remi Rogue Walker is a name with a meaning.

Remi Walker, Cody Walker’s daughter Rogue Walker’s first name comes from the French and means “oarsman or remedy.” Rogue, her middle name, is English in origin and means “dishonest, savage, or unpredictable.”

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