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Meet Reign Mosley – Photos Of Timbaland’s Daughter With Monique Idlett

Meet Reign Mosley – Photos Of Timbaland’s Daughter With Monique Idlett

Timbaland is a well-known name among individuals in the music industry and those who enjoy music. Timbaland, an American rapper, musician, and record executive, has won the hearts of millions of people across the world with his original production work and unique rhythmic style known as “Stuttering.” Timbaland, better known as DJ Timmy Tim, is the founder of the Mosley Music Group record label, which has included performers such as Nelly Furtado. Similarly, he and his fellow record producer Swizz Beatz, alias Kasseem Daoud Dean, co-created the webcast series Verzuz.

Timbaland’s work life is clearly evident to all of his admirers. He is the cousin of American singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams. But, for practically everyone who is interested in him, his personal life, especially his children, is still a hot topic. So, here are some facts about Reign Mosley, Timbaland’s kid from his first marriage to Monique Idlett.

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Timbaland’s youngest child, Monique Idlett

Timbaland has three children with his estranged wife, Monique Idlett, the youngest of them is Reign Mosley. She is the couple’s sole biological child, who was born in November 2007. Timbaland and Monique Idlett, the former husband-and-wife duet, welcomed their daughter, Reign, a year before they married.

Timbaland’s two kids, Demetrius Idlett Mosley and Frankie Idlett Mosley, have a younger sister named Reign Mosley. Monique’s brothers are both her mother’s offspring from a previous relationship. After the marriage, Reign’s father, Timbaland, adopted and reared the boys as his own. Demetrius and Frankie, on the other hand, are her half-siblings, with whom she has a strong bond.

Reign Mosley and her elder brothers have a strong bond. Monique Idlett’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Furthermore, Timbaland’s daughter, Reign Mosley, attends the same school as her older siblings, Westminister Christian School. Reign, a thirteen-year-old beauty, seemed to prefer a life away from the spotlight. Despite the fact that she is on Instagram, she has yet to publish anything. We hope she will become more active on social media platforms so that we can learn more about her.

In 2017, her parents’ marriage was annulled.

Timbaland and Monique Idlett, Reign Mosley’s parents, started dating in 2004. After a few years, they had Reign in 2007. Timbaland proposed to Monique at their children’s baby shower, and they are planning a wedding. In the end, they married in a lavish wedding in Aruba in June 2008, in front of their loved ones and a slew of renowned musicians.

Monique, Reign’s mother, filed for divorce from her father in October 2013 after five years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. She also demanded a sizable alimony payment from Tim, which included child support, education costs, and insurance for their children. They eventually reconciled, but it did not last long. Monique filed for divorce once more in July 2015, and the divorce was finalized in March 2017. Despite the fact that they divorced, the former couple opted to stay in touch in order to co-parent Reign and her brothers.

Timbaland, an active contributor to American R&B music, remarried after his divorce. Tim is now involved with Michelle Dennis in a love relationship. Monique Idlett, Reign’s mother, does not appear to be dating anyone at the present. Idlett currently divides her time between her job as CEO of Reign Ventures and charity endeavors.

Her Father in a Better Light

Reign Mosley, Timbaland’s thirteen-year-old daughter with Monique Idlett, is already demonstrating her musical abilities acquired from her father. She is a talented dancer and can freestyle rap over her father’s music. Timbaland, her father, posted a video of them freestyle rapping to his song “My Name is Tim” in 2013. Reign charmingly sings some rhymes while getting her hair done in the video, as her father does an excellent beatboxing session.

In addition, in a 2017 interview with In Touch magazine, Timbaland gushed over his then-nine-year-old daughter, Reign, and her incredible musical skills. He claims that his daughter is a better version of himself and that she possesses excellent musical sense. Tim went on to say that when he brought Reign onto the set of Lifetime’s competition show The Pop Game, she made an accurate assessment.

Reign Mosley, Timbaland’s daughter, observed all of the competitors in The Pop Game and gave diverse remarks, which astonished her father. She made Tim believe that when she grows up, she will control a firm, choose artists, and be a big deal.

Reign Mosley is still in her early teens, but her dancing and singing abilities have already won the hearts of her father’s admirers all over the world. It appears that the world may soon witness the emergence of another Mosley in the American entertainment sector.

Reign Mosley is a name with a meaning.

Reign is an English name that means “to rule over” or “to take command.”

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