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Meet Phil Heath’s Wife Shurie Heath. Was Previously Married To Jennie Laxson Heath

Meet Phil Heath’s Wife Shurie Heath. Was Previously Married To Jennie Laxson Heath

Shurie Heath, Phil Heath’s wife, is stunning. He previously married the lovely Jennie Laxson Heath, but the couple split in 2015. Phil Heath’s divorce startled his admirers because he was extremely supportive of his ex-wife Jennie during her breast cancer treatment.

Phil is a professional bodybuilder and seven-time Mr. Olympia champion, as the name suggests. He is muscular and powerful, which is one of the many qualities that his wife Shurie Heath admires in him. The husband and wife team recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary. On July 25, 2017, they exchanged wedding vows.

Shurie Heath, Phil Heath’s wife, is a fitness promoter.

It’s not always natural for a husband and wife team to share the same interest. However, this is not the situation in Phil Heath’s family, where both he and his wife are fitness enthusiasts.

Phil and Shurie tied the knot in July 2017. Shourie’s Instagram account provided the image.

They get up in the morning, have a protein-rich meal, and then hit the treadmill. Phill and Shurie, a husband and wife team, live a healthy lifestyle in an age when individuals consume much too much fast food and sugary drinks.

Furthermore, it appears Shurie had a hand in her husband Phil’s back-to-back victories in the bodybuilding profession. Shurie Cremona, also known as Shurie, is a health-conscious woman. She encourages her Instagram followers to be healthy, well, and happy. Shurie will certainly revolutionize the fitness business with such inspirational posts.

Shurie Heath’s family members appear to be exercising on a daily basis. Shurie and her husband Phil are now on a mission to get the entire world to put on their sneakers and hit the gym. Shurie’s relationship advise to spouses all over the world is simple: the pair that sweats in the gym together stays together. Shurie may soon surprise Phil with pregnancy news, despite the fact that Phil does not yet have any children.

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