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Meet Paige Maddux, a philanthropic daughter of Greg Maddux

Meet Paige Maddux, a philanthropic daughter of Greg Maddux

As one of the most effective pitchers, American collegiate baseball instructor Greg Maddux left a lasting impression on the sports world. He became well-known for his exceptional abilities while playing for the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves.

Fortunately, his domestic life is just as wonderful as his prosperous job. He has been blissfully married to Kathy Ronnow for a long time and they have two children together, a son Chase Maddux and a daughter Paige Maddux.

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A Look at Greg Maddux and His Marriage

Maddux’s union appears to be something out of a storybook. He first met Ronnow when they were teenagers and both were attending Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their bond grew stronger over time and eventually blossomed into a partnership. They also did everything possible to make their relationship stronger. They loved each other so much that it didn’t matter how many difficulties the MLB star faced in his profession.

The two were eventually blessed by their families to get married in 1988. The couple had their first child, a girl named Amanda Paige, on December 9, 1993, five years after their nuptials.

Maddux gave up lucrative jobs that year in order to be near his family. He was allegedly offered $37.5 million by the New York Yankees, but the Chicago Cubs were willing to sign him for $27.5 million with an additional $1.5 million in bonuses.

However, the coach chose the $28 million contract with the Atlanta Braves because it would allow him to remain near to his wife and daughter. The second kid of the married pair, Chase, was born four years later, in 1997.

Relating to Paige Maddux, his daughter

Paige Maddux is a charitable person. At the University of San Diego in California, she pursued courses in media studies, communication, and nonprofit administration and management.

She has a lot of experience in her selected profession at the age of 27.

Paige Maddux and her father, Greg Maddux, attended a gathering on July 28, 2014. Picture from Paige Maddux’s Instagram

Paige prepared for five months before joining the San Diego Padres in 2016 as a community affairs intern. Then, in December 2016, the young philanthropist accepted a position as head of charity at the Rady Children’s Hospital.

Since then, she has actively participated in initiatives to support those who are neglected. She is also a vocal advocate for The Baller Dream Foundation, an organization that supports cancer patients and their families.

It’s interesting to note that Paige’s family has, as one might assume, completely endorsed her career decision. Maddux is a generous individual who frequently contributes to and raises money for political causes.

That’s not all, either. His Twitter profile states that 50% of the money he receives from appearance requests is donated to the Rady Children’s Hospital. In keeping with his character, on his daughter’s 27th birthday, the Texas native supported the fundraising effort for ill and injured children.

While Paige went in a different professional direction than her father, her 24-year-old sibling Chase did the same. The youthful player pitches for the University of Nevada, Los Vegas, just like Maddux did.