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Meet Owen Strausser Wyle and Auden Wyle – Photos Of Noah Wyle’s Children With Ex-Wife Tracy Warbin

Meet Owen Strausser Wyle and Auden Wyle – Photos Of Noah Wyle’s Children With Ex-Wife Tracy Warbin

Noah Wyle’s two first children, Owen Strausser Wyle and Auden Wyle, are the result of his marriage to Tracy Warbin. Owen Strausser was born on November 9, 2002, and Auden was born on October 15, 2005, after the pair married in 2000. Sadly, the couple divorced in 2010. Noah Wyle is currently married to Sara Wells. Their mother, on the other hand, appears to be still unmarried.

Frances Harper Wyle, Noah Wyle’s daughter with wife Sara Wells, is Owen and Auden’s half-sister.

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Owen and Auden have a good relationship with their family.

Owen and Auden Wyle, Noah Wyle’s children, were merely toddlers when their parents divorced in 2010. There was no word on their custody, but based on their current situation, they don’t appear to have been negatively affected by their divorce. When they see their parents, they still share happiness and grin. It demonstrates that they are still on friendly terms. Noah’s fan page had shared a picture on Instagram on Owen’s 16th birthday, which was a great moment to watch.

Noah Wyle’s two children, Owen Strausser Wyle and Auden Wyle, like spending time with him. Getty Images is the source of this image. .

Owen and Auden had been in the news since they were children. Their father had a habit of putting them in the spotlight. They were first photographed with their parents in public in 2010 at the premiere of Despicable Me. Since then, they have been spotted with their parents on numerous occasions. Despite the fact that their parents finally divorced, they did their best to raise their children.

Tracy Warbin, Noah Wyle’s ex-wife, and their children out in public. Getty Images provided the image.

Despite the divorce, Owen and Auden continue to see their father. Noah Wyle’s adorable children have a wonderful bond with their stepmother Sara Wells. They are occasionally seen together, indicating that Noah Wyle’s family is in good shape. Despite the fact that Owen and Auden haven’t been seen much with their younger half-sister, Frances, we’re sure they’re having a great time with her.

Frances Harper Wyle is the daughter of Noah Wyle and his current wife, Sara Wells. Getty Images provided the image.

These two children are currently in their mid-teens. They must now be a senior in high school. There are fewer appearances of Noah’s children in the media now than there were previously. It appears like they are attempting to avoid cynical public comments.

Name Meanings for Owen Strausser Wyle and Auden Wyle

Owen is a Welsh surname that means “young warrior” or “well-born.” The name Strausser has no unique meaning, however it does come from the ancient province of Altmark.

Auden is a boy’s name that derives from an old English name that means “Old Friend.”

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