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Meet Omere Harris – Photos of Yandy Smith’s Son With Husband Mendeecees Harris

Meet Omere Harris – Photos of Yandy Smith’s Son With Husband Mendeecees Harris

Omere Harris, the son of LHHNY star Yandy Smith, was born on July 16, 2012. Yandy’s first kid with her husband, Mendeecees Harris, is Omere. The baby Omere weighed in at 7 pounds and 9 ounces at the time of his delivery.

Yandy Smith was overjoyed to welcome her firstborn into the world, as Omere was her firstborn. Skylar Smith Harris, Omere’s younger sister, is her best friend. He also has two half-brothers, Aasim Harris and Mendeecees Harris Jr., who are the sons of Mendeecees Harris and his ex-partners Erika DeShazo and Samantha Wallace, respectively.

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Omere Harris is a well-known social media personality.

Being a key contributor to the brother-sister duo’s Instagram account “omereandskylar,” which has over 163k followers as of November 2018. Yandy Smith’s son, Omere Harris, is unquestionably a social media sensation. Omere and his younger sister are featured prominently in the account’s photos and videos. Occasionally, the account will also upload photos of their parents.

Yandy is most likely in charge of the account. In addition, “weloveomereharris” is the name of the tiny Omere’s fan account. So, even at this age, Omere has a sizable fan base; only time will tell how much larger it will become in the coming days.

Because Mendeecees Harris is currently incarcerated for drug trafficking, Yandy Smith is raising her two children alone for the time being.

And we’re sure Omere Harris misses his father a lot when he’s not with him.

Yandy Smith, Omere Harris’s beautiful mother. omereandskylar/Instagram, omereandskylar/Instagram, omereandskylar/Instagram,

Skylar Smith Harris and her sister Omere Smith Harris

Yandy Smith’s two children, Omere Harris and Skylar Smith Harris, share a beautiful bond not only in images but also in real life. The brother-sister duo appears to get along swimmingly. Yandy Smith has a net worth of $15 million, so they’re both living the high life.

Skylar Smith Harris, Omere Harris’s gorgeous sister. Photo credit:

The Meaning of the Name Omere Harris

Omere is a one-of-a-kind name for a child. There aren’t many people with names like this. A person named Omere, according to Kabalarian philosophy, is idealistic and a dreamer with heightened imagination.

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