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Meet Olivia Williams’ Daughters Which She Had With Her Husband Rhashan Stone

Meet Olivia Williams’ Daughters Which She Had With Her Husband Rhashan Stone

Olivia Williams and her husband, Rhashan Stone, have two daughters named Esmé Ruby Stone and Roxana May Stone, who star in the film “The Ghost Writer.” Since 2003, the couple has been a married couple.

Esem Ruby and Roxana May have fewer social media appearances than other celebrity kids because they are rarely in the spotlight. Olivia’s daughters, on the other hand, are most likely growing up healthy and beautiful with each other’s company.

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Esme Ruby, Olivia Williams’ daughter, is rarely seen in public.

Olivia and Rhashan’s oldest daughter, Esmé Ruby Stone, was born in 2004, the year of the couple’s first anniversary. Despite the fact that Esme is the daughter of two famous parents, she maintains a low profile.

Roxana May Stone, Olivia Williams’ daughter, with her parents in the background. Getty Images is the source of this image.

Being a celebrity is a difficult situation to be in. They are constantly surrounded by paparazzi and have little room to breathe like regular people. Esme appears to be thinking the same thing. Esme, on the other hand, is occasionally seen with her parents and younger sister Roxana.

Roxana May Stone, Olivia Williams’ daughter, leads a low-key existence.

Roxana May Stone is Olivia and Rhashan Stone’s second daughter, who was born on April 7, 2007. She has generously appeared several times with her parents on various occasions. Roxana and her mother, Olivia, were spotted together at WordTheatre Present’s “In The Cosmo” in 2017.

Esme Ruby Stone (left) with her younger sister Roxana May, Olivia Williams’ daughter. Getty Images provided the image.

Olivia, who starred in “The Sixth Sense,” said in an interview that her children’s mixed race isn’t a problem. Olivia and her husband Rhashan appear to be overjoyed to have such healthy and beautiful children.

Name Meanings for Esmé Ruby Stone and Roxana May Stone

The name Esme is derived from a French word that means “to love.” Ruby refers to the gemstone ruby, which also refers to the color red.

Roxana is a Persian name that means “bright” in English. The name “May” is derived from the Latin “Maius,” which usually refers to the month’s name.

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