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Meet Olivia George – Photos Of Paul George And Daniela Rajic’s Daughter

Meet Olivia George – Photos Of Paul George And Daniela Rajic’s Daughter

Paul George is an NBA basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers in the United States. His hard effort has resulted in a spectacular career and net worth. In terms of his personal life and family, he is the father of Olivia George, who was born in May 2014 in New York with his girlfriend, Daniela Rajic.

Olivia’s arrival brought Paul and Daniela a great deal of joy. Natasha George, her younger sister, is a sweetheart. The life of the little and happy family is a happy one. Returning to the subject, let’s learn more about Olivia George, Paul George’s daughter.

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Rajic filed a paternity suit against George after Olivia was born.

Olivia’s mother worked as a stripper at Tootsie’s in Miami when she gave birth to her in 2014. The IBT article indicated that he offered her $1 million to terminate the child, according to Heavy. However, George’s representatives disputed the charges, claiming that the allegations were all lies concerning money and abortion. Months later, she filed a paternity claim against the NBA baller.

To resolve the matter, they both went to court. Finally, they agreed to full joint custody and a financial settlement. Paul and Daniela, Paul’s baby mama, raise their kid together. In addition, the LA Clippers player was overjoyed to become a father to his gorgeous daughter, Olivia. The settlement turned out to be an excellent decision, and they are currently enjoying a happy life together.

Olivia’s parents’ love for each other grew stronger over time, and in 2017, they welcomed their second daughter, Natasha George, into the world. Despite their rocky start, the couple’s love got more serious as Olivia and Natasha entered their lives.

Olivia and her sister are the best of friends.

Olivia, Paul George and Daniela Rajic’s daughter, became an older sister to Natasha, the family’s youngest member, in 2017. Her parents and she were overjoyed to welcome the newest addition to the family. The adorable sisters are each other’s playing buddies. Olivia and her sister, Natasha, are the ones that make everyone in the George household laugh.

Daniela Rajic frequently publishes wonderful images of her daughters on Instagram. She also shared a photo of Olivia and Natasha spending Christmas 2019 together. They’re like best friends who also happen to be criminal collaborators. And we may presume Olivia is taking excellent care of her little sibling.

Life At Its Finest And Most Luxurious

Since Paul George has a net worth of $60 million and Daniela Rajic is the owner of the swimwear line ‘Nude Swim,’ she is living a wealthy and expensive life. Olivia’s parents are willing to go to any length to ensure that their daughter is happy for the rest of her life.

If it entails extravagant vacations, holidays, or parties, Paul and Daniela take their children wherever they go. Paul George’s daughter is extremely lucky to have such wonderful parents. They adore spending time with their children and savoring every moment with them.

We might conclude that the charming pair is attempting to be the ideal parents. We hope Paul and Daniela marry soon so that they may take their relationship to the next level.

Olivia George is a girl’s name with a meaning.

Olivia is derived from the Latin word oliva, which means ‘olive tree.’

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