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Meet Oliver Zissman – Facts About Luisa Zissman’s Ex-Husband

Meet Oliver Zissman – Facts About Luisa Zissman’s Ex-Husband

Luisa Zissman, originally Louisa Christina Kalozois, is a gorgeous English reality television star and a retail entrepreneur. The runner-up in the ninth series of The Apprentice, Zissman finished fourth behind Jim Davidson, Ollie Locke, and Dappy on Celebrity Big Brother 13. Since then, she has appeared in various TV programs such as Reality Bites, News Thing, and many more.

The successful entrepreneur Luisa Zissman walked down the aisle twice in her lifetime. Currently married to businessman Andrew Collins, Zissman was previously in a marital relationship with entrepreneur Oliver Zissman.

Here, meet Luisa Zissman’s ex-husband, Oliver Zissman, with whom Luisa has an adorable daughter.

Married To Luisa Zissman For Five Years

Oliver Zissman married reality television actress Luisa Zissman in late 2009 in a private ceremony attended by only a few of their friends and family members. They met for the first time when Oliver’s brother hired Luisa to join their sports equipment firm. Oliver and Luisa dated for a while before deciding to tie their marriage knot.

However, soon after some years of Oliver Zissman and Luisa Zissman’s marriage, different marital troubles tormented their partnership. Moreover, Luisa found out that her then-husband, Oliver betrayed her with another lady whom she employed as a manager at her St Albans bakery. As a result, they separated ways and officially ended their five years of marriage in 2014.

Oliver Zissman dated another woman when he was still married to Luisa Zissman. Image Source: Facebook/ Oliver Zissman.

Oliver and Luisa Zissman’s cause for their divorce on the decree nisi was two years apart with both party’s agreement. Luisa told the media that they were not satisfied with their marriage. So, both thought it was a type of good thing that they parted.

Luisa Praised Her Ex-husband’s Mistress

As indicated before, Luisa Zisssman’s ex-husband, Oliver Zissman, cheated on her with another lady. However, she told Daily Star magazine that she doesn’t have a sour feeling over it. Luisa noted that people had affairs, and it was barely the end of the world. Moreover, she hailed her separated husband’s mistress for saving her from their sexless marriage.

According to Luisa, she and Oliver needed to part, and Oliver would never have gone if he did not have someone else. She added that she thought it was a bit terrible. However, she is safe, and she really doesn’t care about stuff like that as she fancies herself a pretty manly and unemotional lady. So, Luisa remarked that Oliver’s lover did her a favor. Oliver also publicly revealed having an affair behind his ex-wife’s back.

Oliver And Luisa Used To Attend Sex Parties

During a chat with Daily Star, Luisa confessed that she and her ex-husband often attended sex parties where they enjoyed o*gies with up to thirty people while they were still married. In 2013, Luisa Zissman’s ex-husband, Oliver Zissman, acknowledged that he and Luisa took cocaine during the ‘wild’ group sex sessions hosted by swingers’ party firm Killing Kittens.

However, the reality TV actress Luisa said she found the X-rated nights dull, and their sex relationship faded away. But, still, she does not regret being so frank about those night outs one bit. For Luisa, it is not bad for a woman to be frank about sexuality or sex as most women in her culture are too prudish to do so.

Oliver Zissman’s Relationship After Divorce With Luisa

Soon after divorcing Oliver, Luisa Zissman rejoiced in a six-month affair with Apprentice co-star Jordan Poulton. She adored being single after that. However, Luisa did not stay unmarried for long. She married the Irish businessman Andrew Collins in 2015, with whom she has two kids, Indigo Collins and Clementine Collins.

Luisa Zissman’s previous husband, Oliver Zissman, likewise tied his marital knot with his long-time lover, Johanna Zissman, in September 2016. The husband-wife couple, Oliver and Johanna, routinely publish their images on their various social media pages. Seeing their images, it seems that the pair are very much in love with each other and are pleased with their happily married life.

A Proud Father To Three Kids

Oliver Zissman has a daughter, Dixie Zissman, with his ex-wife, Luisa Zissman. The formerly married pair, Oliver and Luisa, welcomed their only child together, Dixie, a year after their wedding in 2010. After their divorce, Dixie seems to be living with her dad, Oliver, and her step-mom, Johanna Zissman. Seeing the images of Johanna and Dixie together, it seems that Dixie has adjusted well with her step-momma and loves her as much as she loves her original mom.

Besides, Oliver Zissman has two gorgeous sons, Arlo Jackson Zissman and Atlas Gene Zissman, with his devoted wife, Johanna Zissman. The married duo gave birth to their first child, Arlo, in June 2017. Similarly, their second kid together, Atlas, arrived recently in April 2021. The joyful family of Oliver Zissman currently resides in Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, England.

A Former Co-Founder & Partner Of The Baker Shop

Luisa Zissman’s ex-husband, Oliver Zissman, co-founded The Baker Shop with Luisa in 2009 when together as husband and wife. He actively operated as a partner and chief operating officer at his ex-wife’s baking firm for some years and quit it in September 2014. After leaving The Baker Shop, Oliver co-founded That Design Boutique, a contemporary interior design store in St Albans, in November 2014. He and his business partners sold the store, which worked with brands like Tom Dixon & Aesop, in 2016.

Before creating The Baker Shop with Luisa, Oliver Zissman was the co-founder and director of Total Fitness from November 1997 until March 2010. It is the first company that he created when he was just eighteen. Currently, Total Fitness is a multi-million-pound business, with eight facilities around Ireland and the United Kingdom.

At the present, Oliver Zissman is heading Beyond Living, the exclusive UK distributor for a rising number of expertly selected lifestyle businesses, as its managing director. His company distributes helpful, design-led, and wonderful brands including Rivsalt, Supertea, Real Wine Gums, Candle Hand, ACME, and many more throughout 1250 outlets throughout England and 85 countries globally.

Mr. Zissman is today one of the well-known entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. For his achievements as a businessman, Zissman received the UK Young Entrepreneur of Year award in 2004 from Sir Philip Green and Sir Richard Branson.

Besides, the former member of the Jewish Care Next Generation Committee, Oliver Zessman, is a philanthropist also. He proudly finished the 2013 London Marathon and raised ($6936.92) £5,000 for a worthy cause.

Currently, both Luisa and her ex-husband, Oliver Zissman, are pleased with their current life partners. We hope despite the divorce, the two are still connected to each other as excellent friends.

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