Meet Navy Talia Nash – Photos of Producer The-Dream’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Nivea


Navy Talia Nash, The-daughter, Dream’s was born on May 10th, 2005. Navy Talia is The-eldest Dream’s daughter from his first marriage to Nivea.

The stunning Navy Talia Nash has two younger brothers, London Nash and Christian Nash, who are twins. Her father’s side also provides her with five younger half-siblings. Navy Violet Madison Nash, The-kid Dream’s with former wife Christina Milian, is Talia’s half-sister. Finally, three half-siblings, two half-brothers named Heir Nash and Lord Nash, and a half-sister named Maverick Nash, The-children Dream’s with Lalonne Martinez. Navy also has a half-brother from her mother’s side, Neal Carter, who is Nivea’s son with Lil Wayne.

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The-daughter, Dream’s Navy Talia Nash, is enjoying her adolescent years.

Navy Talia Nash, the 13-year-old daughter of Terius Youngdell Nash aka The-Dream, is enjoying her adolescent years. Navy, Nivea’s daughter, was dressed up for her 7th/8th-grade middle school dance presentation in a pink dress. In addition, her twin brothers, London and Christian Nash, appeared to be completely prepared to protect their older sister.

Talia Nah (Navy) with her twin brother London Nash (left) and Christian Nash (right).

Nivea’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Christina Milian and Lalonne Martinez, Navy Talia’s stepmothers, also like spending time with her. Everyone appears to share a wonderful bond and a great deal of affection for one another.

The Oldest of All

As the eldest of The-offspring, Dream’s Navy Talia Nash has the task of looking after all of her younger siblings. And she is giving it her all while glancing at some of her images. Navy Talia Nash has two young twin brothers and four half-siblings, as previously stated.

Talia Nash, a Navy sailor, with her younger siblings. thenashestate/Instagram is the source of this image.

The Nash family spends a lot of time together as a whole. They go on vacations and have nice family get-togethers every now and then. Navy spends a lot of time with her father The-Dream, as seen by their frequent sightings together.

Navy Talia Nash, her father The-Dream, and her brothers Christian and London Nash. thenashestate/Instagram is the source of this image.

We’re curious if The-Dream and his ex-wife Nivea will allow their daughter Navy Talia Nash to follow in their footsteps in the music industry, or if Navy will pursue a different path.

The Meaning of the Name Navy Talia Nash

The term Navy comes from the English word “naval,” which meaning “bold and blue.”

Talia is a Hebrew name that combines two words that mean “dew of God.”

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