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Meet Mischa Weinger – Photos Of Scott Weinger’s Son With Wife Rina Mimoun

Meet Mischa Weinger – Photos Of Scott Weinger’s Son With Wife Rina Mimoun

Moira Kelly has two sons and two daughters. Moira Kelly has two children: a boy, Eamon Hewitt, and a daughter, Ella Hewitt. She had both of her children with her husband, Steve Hewitt. The couple tied the knot in the year 2000 and have been together ever since.

Moira Kelly is an American actress best known for her part in the 1992 film The Cutting Edge as Kate Moseley. She is most recognized for her role on the teen drama One Tree Hill as Karen Roe, a single mother.

Ella Hewitt, Moira Hewitt’s eldest daughter, is an actress.

Moira Kelly’s daughter, Ella Hewitt, was born in 2001. Ella is the eldest child in the family. Eamon, her younger brother, lives in Flower Mound, Texas, with the rest of her family.

Ella Hewitt, Moira Kelly’s daughter, is an American actress who was born in 2001. This image was taken from IMDB.

Despite her stardom, the Lion King’s voice actor has managed to keep a low profile when it comes to her children. Ella’s mother, Moira Hewitt, keeps her lips shut and rarely speaks about personal matters.

Moira Kelly’s son, Eamon Hewitt, was born in 2003.

As previously indicated, Steve Hewitt and Moira Kelly are the proud parents of two lovely children. The couple welcomed their second child, Eamon, in 2003, just two years after the birth of their daughter.

In his loving family, Eamon is the youngest of four children. As previously said, the actress has been silent about her children and has not shared any photos of them on social media. Moira doesn’t seem to be planning on disclosing any of their personal information anytime soon.

Moira Kelly has yet to speak to the media regarding her family and children. Pinterest.

Until recently, the stunning couple managed to keep their personal lives hidden from the spotlight. Moira and her husband and children appear to have a good relationship, as the couple has been together since they married. The four-person family enjoys a happy and fulfilled life together.

The name Moira Kelly’s Children means Moira Kelly’s Children.

Eamon Hewitt: Eamon is an Irish masculine given name that means “wealth guardian.”

Ella Hewitt is a female given name in the United Kingdom that means “beautiful fairy woman.”

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