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Meet Malina Jean Foley-Photos of Scott Foley’s Daughter with Wife Marika Dominczyk

Meet Malina Jean Foley-Photos of Scott Foley’s Daughter with Wife Marika Dominczyk

Malina Jean Foley, the daughter of Scandal TV actor Scott Foley, was born in November of 2009. Scott and his wife, Marika Dominczyk, had a daughter named Malina.

Malina is an adorable little girl. Scott Foley’s eldest child is Jean Foley. Keller Aleksander Foley and Konrad Foley are her two younger brothers. Scott Foley has three children, each of them is nearly two years apart in age.

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Scott Foley keeps his daughter out of the spotlight.

Scott Foley used to take his children to different events with him in the past. Looking over some old images of Scott Foley’s daughter Malina Jean Foley, we can see that she has matured considerably.

Malina Jean Foley, her father Scott Foley, her mother Marika Dominczyk, and her younger brother Keller. Broad Image/Rex is the source of this image.

For the time being, Scott rarely posts photos of his daughter and other children on social media. Plus, like many celebrity parents, he makes sure to keep their faces disguised whenever he does. Scott’s wife, Marika Dominczyk, does the same thing. Marika also hides her children’s faces whenever she publishes images of them.

We can safely infer that Scott Foley does not want his children to receive any media attention and prefers to keep them out of the spotlight. But whenever Scott Foley posts a photo of his daughter, he takes sure to include a small portion of her face. And there are a lot of people who comment on his posts about how stunning Malina’s eyes are.

Scott Foley’s daughter, Malina, is a third-grade reader. We also wonder if she, like her father, is interested in performing and other forms of entertainment. The problem is that even if she does, Malina will have to put in a lot of effort to catch up to her father’s level.

Malina Jean Foley is a resident of Prague.

Following Malina’s father Scott’s departure from The Scandal, he moved his entire family to Prague, Czech Republic, for business. A new spy thriller series starring Foley, Whiskey Cavalier, will most likely be shot there.

Malina is a lovely young lady. Jean Foley and her beautiful family. Getty Images provided the image.

Malina Jean Foley is a name with a meaning.

Malina is derived from the Slavic word’malina,’ which means raspberry. The name is given to a beautiful person as a nickname.

The name Jean is an English baby name that translates to “God is generous.”

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