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Meet Malcolm Van Halen – Photos Of Alex Van Halen’s Son With Wife Stine Schyberg

Meet Malcolm Van Halen – Photos Of Alex Van Halen’s Son With Wife Stine Schyberg

Malcolm Van Halen, Alex Van Halen’s son, is the co-founder and drummer of the rock band Van Halen, which he formed with his baby mom cum wife, Stine Schyberg. Even though Alex Van Halen is a well-known musician, his son, Malcolm, has had little exposure to the spotlight. Malcolm may not be a great admirer of the entertainment industry.

In August of 1999, Malcolm Van Halen was born. In the next year, 2000, his parents married and became a married couple. Alex Van Halen’s kid with ex-wife Kelly Van Halen, Aric Van Halen, is his older half-brother. Let’s take a deeper look at Malcolm Van Halen to learn more about him.

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Malcolm Van Halen, Alex Van Halen’s son, appears to be a car racer.

According to our research, Malcolm Van Halen’s passion for supercars knows no bounds. He appears to have an Instagram account named ‘vhmotorsports,’ which is largely filled with photographs of Porsche cars. Not only that, but there are also BMW, Chevrolet, and Ford trucks among the other supercars.

Malcolm was dressed in a Sparco race suit, with the car beside him and tires at the back, when his half-brother tagged him in a photo wishing him a happy birthday on his 17th birthday. It’s most likely an indication that he was preparing his race at a racetrack. Perhaps he is a professional racer, as he appears to be very focused on succeeding as the greatest.

Well, his Instagram photographs of vehicles may indicate that he is a car fanatic, particularly of Porsches. But, putting all of that aside, we wish Malcolm the best of luck in whatever he is doing to advance his career.

The Low-Key Life of Malcolm Van Halen

Despite the fact that Malcolm’s father is a well-known musician with a large following and a well-known name in the music industry, he appears to be uninterested in being in the spotlight. Perhaps he is content with his quiet existence. It’s possible that’s why he decided to keep his personal Instagram account private.

Malcolm Van Halen, Alex Van Halen’s son, is close to his half-brother Aric. They have such a wonderful relationship. When you look at Aric Van Halen’s Instagram feed, you’ll notice that he always wishes Malcolm a happy birthday. And based on the fact that they appear to hang together a lot, we may presume that they do as well. Malcolm, on the other hand, is a master at hiding stuff beneath the bed.

Malcolm Van Halen – What Does His Name Mean?

The name Malcolm comes from Scotland and means ‘disciple of Columba.’

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