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Meet Magnus Mitchell Handelman and Felix Handelman – Elizabeth Banks’ Kids With Husband Max Handleman

Meet Magnus Mitchell Handelman and Felix Handelman – Elizabeth Banks’ Kids With Husband Max Handleman

Magnus Mitchell Handelman and Felix Handelman are Elizabeth Banks‘ children with husband Max Handelman. Both Magnus and Felix were conceived through a gestational surrogate.

The couple’s first son Felix was born on March 30, 2011. Elizabeth and Max welcomed their second son Magnus Mitchell on November 2012. The couple had complications being pregnant. Therefore, both of their sons were born through surrogacy.

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Felix And Magnus Are Miracle Babies

For Elizabeth and Max, their sons Felix and Magnus are indeed a blessing. The couple had a hard time having a baby. Hence, they chose a way of surrogacy. Nevertheless, they are just happy to have the kids and feel blessed to be parents. Felix and Magnus Mitchell are the most cherished people by their lovely parents Elizabeth and Max.

Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman are rarely seen in the public with their kids. Photo Source: Sam Sharma

The Hunger Games star Elizabeth and her husband Max are not very much comfortable sharing the boys’ pictures and bringing them out in the public. They are one of those celebrity couples who like to keep their children’s faces off the camera. Maybe because Felix and Magnus are still young, the couple is trying their best to give them personal space.

Elizabeth Banks’ sons Felix and Magnus are living a joyous life with their parents. Being a working mom does not mean she spends less time with her children. Despite having a busy schedule, Elizabeth takes her sons to vacation. She shares pictures of them but of course, makes sure their faces are not seen.

The gorgeous Elizabeth is all excited about her sons growing up. She shared for Felix’s fifteenth birthday; she is planning to take him skydiving as he is fearless. Well, we wish them they have fun together. Felix must be counting days!

Elizabeth Banks’ Children Name Meaning

Felix Handelman- Felix is a name for a boy which has a Latin origin. It means happy or lucky.

Magnus Mitchell Handelman- Magnus is also a Latin mane which means great. Similarly, Mitchell is a name derived from words like michel, mechel which means big. Elizabeth Banks’ son Magnus inherits his mother’s middle name Mitchell.

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