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Meet Lyric Kai Kilpatrick – Photos of Kyla Pratt’s Daughter with Husband Danny Kilpatrick

Meet Lyric Kai Kilpatrick – Photos of Kyla Pratt’s Daughter with Husband Danny Kilpatrick

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick, the daughter of actress Kyla Pratt and her spouse Danny Kilpatrick, was born on November 17, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Kyla’s eldest daughter is Lyric. Kyla Pratt has two gorgeous daughters who she shares with her husband.

Liyah Kirkpatrick, Lyric’s younger sister, was born on the 5th of August, 2013. Kyla didn’t tell that she had a daughter until Lyric was one year old. She did the same thing with her other daughter, concealing her pregnancy from the public eye. Aside from that, read the entire article to learn more about Kyla Pratt’s kid, Lyric.

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Lyric Kai, Kyla Pratt’s daughter, is a rising social media star.

Lyric Kai is a rising social media sensation, with over 10.7K followers on her Instagram account “lyrickaikp.” People may be perplexed as to how a 10-year-old child can have a social media account.

Don’t worry, her account is most likely managed by her parents. Lyric’s Instagram feed is largely packed with adorable photographs of her having fun with her parents.

Kai Kilpatrick is pictured with her father, Danny Kilpatrick. Lyric Kai’s Instagram is the source of this image.

She was once seen walking down a ramp on ‘The Real Talk Show.’ Lyric appeared to be murdering her appearance. Who knows, maybe Lyric may be a top model in the near future.

One thing is certain: she will always have her loving mother Kyla by her side, no matter what challenges she faces.

Kyla Pratt, who plays Kyla in the film “Love & Basketball,” kept both of her pregnancies hidden. Kyla admitted to HipHollywood that the major reason she kept both of her daughters’ pregnancies hidden was so she could savor and experience the personal time alone.

She starred in her first Walmart commercial.

Kyla Pratt’s daughter, who is only seven years old, has landed her largest job with Walmart. She was incredibly proud of her kid, and she may have paved the way for adorable Lyric. She was overjoyed to be cast in the Walmart Halloween commercial.

Kyla attends all of her auditions with her daughter. Her father or grandmother picks her up when she’s busy. Lyric Kai appears to be taking the first steps toward becoming her mother one day.

Lyric adores Liyah, her younger sister.

Lyric and Liyah have a deep romantic relationship. Both appear to be inextricably linked to one another. Plus, whether it’s for Easter or Halloween, both sisters enjoy dressing up in different outfits. Lyric, Kyla Pratt’s daughter, is the epitome of a caring sister.

Lyric Liyah Kirkpatrick, Kai Kilpatrick’s younger sister. Lyric’s Instagram is the source of this image.

For the time being, Lyric is savoring every moment of her childhood. She also has a supportive mother and father, as well as a sister who looks up to her. She possesses all of the nurturing and affection that a small child requires.

Kai Kilpatrick’s Meaning in Lyrics

Lyric is a French name that means “lyre: a musical instrument.” Kai is a Basque name that means “pier of a harbor.”

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