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Meet Lexi Brooks – Photos Of Scott Brooks’s Daughter With Wife Sherry Silvey

Meet Lexi Brooks – Photos Of Scott Brooks’s Daughter With Wife Sherry Silvey

If you’re a fan of American basketball, you’ve probably heard of Scott Brooks. Scott is now the head coach of the National Basketball Association’s Washington Wizards. With a basketball career spanning more than three decades, this man is a household figure in the sport.

This 55-year-old has formerly played for and coached for the Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Seattle SuperSonics in the NBA.

But enough about the coach; this brief piece will inform you about Scott Brooks’ daughter Lexi Brooks and how Scott reared her.

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Scott Brooks Has A Second Child, Lexi.

Since 1993, Scott Brooks has been married to Sherry Silvey. This couple has two wonderful children, a son and a daughter, and has been married for almost three decades.

Chance Brooks, the couple’s first child, is a Georgetown University Law Center law student. Lexi is the second child in the family, and her older brother serves as a role model for her.

As the youngest kid, Lexi receives all of the love, support, and caring from the rest of the family.

Lexi has a physical disability.

Lexi Brook, Scott Brooks’ daughter, was born without a left hand.

Being gazed at for no apparent reason made her feel uneasy during the school day. Despite this, she has demonstrated that she is just as capable as anyone else. She also frequently promotes various motivational programs for children similar to herself. Lexi has done a lot to please her father, and she will continue to do so.

Lexi, Coach Scott’s daughter, founded The High Five Project.

Being different from others was a hardship for Lexi, as previously stated. While at school, she was tormented and slapped. Lexi shrugged it off, but she still felt isolated and excluded. She quickly recognized that she, like all the other youngsters, desired to connect with children who were similar to them and understood what they were going through. As a result, during her high school years, Lexi determined to create a supportive network for them.

This concept grew into the High Five Project, a non-profit organization. This project was founded by Lexi and Ella Abbott and is now backed by a large number of people. This effort aims to support and educate children who have limb differences. It also aids in the creation of 3D-printed prostheses for those children.

Lexi Brooks is dating someone.

Since high school, Scott Brooks’ daughter has been dating Ben Kwong. He’s presently a student at the United States Naval Academy.

Lexi Brooks and Ben Kwong, her boyfriend. Instagram/lexibrookss is the source of this image.

These high school sweethearts had already shared numerous images of themselves together. However, it appears that they haven’t seen each other in over a year. They are most likely preoccupied with their next college and profession. Let’s hope the couple gets to meet as soon as possible.

Apart from the aforementioned things about Lexi, she is a huge fan of Justin Bieber, the teenage heartthrob singer.

Lexi, Coach Scott’s daughter, has served as an inspiration and a source of support for children with limb disabilities. We hope to see her make a positive impact on those who have limb differences. We wish her luck and courage as she embarks on her journey to becoming a strong woman with a promising job and goals.

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