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Meet Levi Evans – Photos Of U2’s The Edge’s Son With Morleigh Steinberg

Meet Levi Evans – Photos Of U2’s The Edge’s Son With Morleigh Steinberg

The Edge is a well-known Irish musician, composer, and performer who was born David Howell Evans. He is most known for his work with the Irish rock band U2 as lead guitarist, keyboards, and backing vocalist. Edge is a founding member of the U2 band, with whom he has released one solo album as well as 14 studio albums. In addition, The Edge is a co-founder of the ‘Music Rising’ organization, which he founded with his friends Bob Ezrin and Henry Juszkiewicz in 2005. In addition, The Edge, a humanitarian musician, serves on the Angiogenesis Foundation’s board of directors.

The Edge, who was awarded a PhD in music from Berklee College of Music in 2007, is a family man. First, he married Aislinn O’Sullivan, his undergraduate love, whom he divorced in 1996. Then, in 2002, he married Morleigh Steinberg, a well-known American choreographer and dancer, and they have been happily married ever since. The Edge has two children with Steinberg, Sian Evans and Levi Evans. Get to know more about The Edge’s kid, Levi Evans, who shares his father’s passion for music.

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The Edge of U2’s Only Son

Levi Evans is the sole son of The Edge and Morleigh Steinberg, who have been married for many years. Three years prior to their marriage, the couple gave birth to their son, Levi, on October 25, 1999. He has an older sister, Sian Evans, who was born in 1997. His sister overcame leukemia.

Levi Evans is one of The Edge and Morleigh Steinberg’s two children. Morleigh Steinberg/Facebook. Image credit: Morleigh Steinberg/Facebook.

Levi Evans has three half-sisters from his father’s side, in addition to his biological older sister, Sian Evans, The Edge’s son. His father, The Edge, welcomed his three daughters, Hollie Evans in 1984, Arran Evans in 1985, and Blue Angel Evans in 1989, with his ex-wife Aislinn. Levi most likely has a strong bond with all three of his half-sisters. However, it is completely hidden from the public eye because they everyone, including their parents, are quite discreet about their personal lives.

Levi Evans, the eldest Evans, has an Instagram account. However, he never shares any of his personal information on it, which is unfortunate. Levi seemed to want a normal existence away from the unneeded media scandals surrounding his star father.

He enjoys going for walks in the woods with his father.

Levi Evans, the privacy-loving son of well-known musician The Edge, enjoys going on adventures with his famous father during his vacations. Levi’s father, The Edge, told the Irish Times magazine that one of the first things he and his kid did together following his birth was go fishing. They started by looking for crabs on the rocks, then moved on to line fishing and finally bigger fish.

The Edge, Levi Evans’ father, learnt to fish from his grandfather, Garvin Evans. His father passed on the expertise to him after he was born. Levi and The Edge, a father-son combination, still go fishing every now and again and enjoy spending quality time together.

Levi Evans, The Edge’s son, also enjoys sketching in his spare time. He frequently posts videos of himself doodling on Instagram.

An Up-and-Coming Irish Guitarist and Singer

Levi Evans, The Edge’s son, is following in his father’s footsteps in the music business. Despite the fact that the younger Evans has yet to produce an album or collaborate with any well-known artists, he frequently posts singing videos to his social media accounts. Like his father, he has a fantastic voice.

Levi Evans is also a talented guitarist and pianist. Since he was a toddler, he has been taking guitar and piano classes. Furthermore, his father, The Edge, was always there to assist and guide him as he learned to play the guitar and piano. Levi currently excels at both instruments, and it appears that he will soon make his musical debut. Another The Edge appears to be on the way.

Levi Evans is a name with a meaning.

Levi is a masculine given name with Hebrew roots. Its meaning is “connecting” or “connected.”

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