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Meet Lara Melanie Saget – Photos Of Bob Saget’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Sherri Kramer

Meet Lara Melanie Saget – Photos Of Bob Saget’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Sherri Kramer

Bob Saget, an American stand-up comedian, and Sherri Kramer, a screenwriter, were married for 15 years in the 1990s. Lara Melanie Saget and Aubrey Saget, twins, and Jennifer Belle Saget, the youngest, are their three daughters. After that, they split up in 1997. Following that, Bob married journalist Kelly Rizzo.

Lara Melanie Saget, Bob Saget’s daughter, was born on October 16, 1989. Let’s learn more about the amazing comedian’s son.

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A Yogi And An Artist

Lara Melanie Saget, Bob Saget’s 30-year-old daughter, is a gifted artist. Her comedian father and screenwriting mother have influenced her creativity. Lara maintains a webpage where she showcases her work. She’s also one of the co-founders of Studio 200, a touring art show group that started in 2013.

Lara, Bob’s daughter, also enjoys yoga and staying in shape. On Instagram, she posts numerous photos and videos of herself attempting yoga poses.

Lara enjoys yoga and posts her accomplishments on Instagram. Lara’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Lara Melanie Saget is clearly a talented woman who is pursuing her aspirations and passion. Bob Saget must be proud of his daughter for succeeding in life without her father’s spotlight.

She has a good relationship with her father and stepmother.

Bob Saget and Sherri Kramer, Lara Melanie Saget’s parents, married in 1982 and separated in 1997. Her parents were married for 15 years and had a wonderful time together. Her father did not marry again until he met Kelly Rizzo after the divorce. After the agony of his divorce, Lara’s father eventually fell in love with someone. In 2018, he married Kelly Rizzo. Since then, the couple has been posting lovely photos of themselves supporting each other on Instagram.

On a journey, Lara is accompanied by her father Bob, stepmother Kelly, and sister Aubrey. Bob Saget’s Instagram is the source of this image.

When Lara and her father Bob and stepmother Kelly go on vacations together, we can see how close they are. We hope that all of the daughters have a close relationship with their father and stepmother.

She has a close relationship with her sisters.

Laura Melani Saget is more than just her father’s daughter. She has two sisters: Aubrey Saget, her twin, and Jennifer Belle Saget, her other sibling.

Aubrey and Jennifer are Lara’s other siblings. Aubrey’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Lara appears to be quite close to her sisters. The sisters are usually encouraging and supportive of one another, and they try a lot of new activities together. We wish Bob Saget’s adorable family all the best.

The Meaning of the Name Lara Melanie Saget

Lara is a Latin name that means “bright” or “renowned.” Melanie, her middle name, is of Greek origin and means “dark.”

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