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Meet Kori Madison Federline – Photos Of Kevin Federline’s Daughter With Baby Mama Shar Jackson

Meet Kori Madison Federline – Photos Of Kevin Federline’s Daughter With Baby Mama Shar Jackson

Kori Madison Federline, the rapper Kevin Federline’s daughter, was born on July 31st, 2002. Kevin’s first kid is a daughter with his ex-fiancee, Shar Jackson.

Peyton Marie Federline, Jordan Kay Federline, Sean Federline, and Jayden James Federline are Kori Madison’s four half-siblings.

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Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline is her younger brother.

Cassilay Monique Jackson and Donovan Jackson, two half-siblings from her mother’s previous relationship, are currently in their early twenties.

Shar Jackson and Kori Madison are close friends.

Kori Madison is best known for her father, but she also appears with her mother on multiple occasions, which attracts the media’s attention. They’ve both been to Queen Mary’s CHILL Freezes. Kori was also seen on the 18th Annual Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times Halloween Carnival with her mother and brothers.

Shar Jackson, Kori Madison Federline’s mother, and Kaleb Michael Jackson, Kori Madison Federline’s brother. Getty Images is the source of this image.

Kori’s mother rarely posts images of her children on social media, with the exception of select events in which they both participated. Kori and her brother Kaleb were spotted during the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Media Night in 2016. The family participates in a variety of activities over the Christmas season, including their unique mission in Los Angeles.

Kori Madison Federline is one of Shar Jackson’s children. J-14 is the source of this image.

When Shar Jackson, an American actress and singer, broke up with her ex-fiance Kevin, she faced a lot of difficulties. She was depressed, and seeing her children cry was even more hard for her to behold. Kori’s older sister Cassie, who was the eldest, had a difficult time dealing with the negative comments from the public and friends. Cassie admitted in an interview that she drank too much during that time.

Kevin Federline’s daughter enjoys spending time with her half-brother and half-sister.

Kevin, Kori’s father, has a total of six children with whom he has shared a home for a long period. Despite the fact that Shar Jackson and Kevin’s breakup created a major family split, Kori Madison appears unconcerned. She makes the most of her time with her half-siblings and is growing up healthy and lovely.

Kori Madison Federline: What Does Her Name Mean?

In different nations, the word kori has distinct connotations. It means “God’s Peace” in English. Madison is an English name whose meaning is derived from the phrase “the son of Matthew.”

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