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Meet Kit Halls – Photos Of Simon Halls’ Son With Matt Bomer Who Came Out Straight

Meet Kit Halls – Photos Of Simon Halls’ Son With Matt Bomer Who Came Out Straight

Matt Bomer (Matt Staton Bomer) is an American actor who has won numerous awards and nominations, including the Critics’ Choice Television Award, the Golden Globe Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. Bomer, who rose to fame on the serial opera All My Children, has had a long and fruitful career. He has appeared in films such as In Time, Magic Mike, The Nice Guys, The Normal Heart, and Flightplan, among others. He’s also appeared in films and plays such as American Horror Story, Walking Out, Anything, The Boys in the Band, and others.

But these aren’t the only accomplishments of this Emmy Award-winning performer. Matt Bomer gained notoriety as a result of his marriage to publicist Simon Halls. He not only married his partner, but they also have three sons, which you might be interesting in learning about. Kit Halls, one of Simon Halls’ sons with Matt Bomer, is featured in this article.

Kit Halls, Matt Bomer’s eldest son, with Simon Halls

Actor Matt Bomer is married to publicist Simon Halls, as previously stated. The couple married in 2011, but didn’t announce their union until 2014, when they accepted a humanitarian award. The major news was presented by Bomer at the Desert AIDS Project’s award ceremony. He divulged not only the details of his marriage, but also the names of his three sons: Kit, Henry, and Walker. This announcement astounded everyone and received a lot of media attention. Everyone was taken aback when they learned that Matt already had three children concealed from the world’s eyes. Let’s take a closer look at Simon Halls’ son, Kit Halls.

Kit was welcomed by Matt Bomer and Simon Halls in 2005. If you’re wondering how they were able to have a child, you should know that they used a surrogate. Kit’s parents, on the other hand, were not willing to give up; they tried again. Kit and his twin brothers, Henry and Walker Halls, were born in 2008, when Kit was just three years old. Kit, on the other hand, is 15 years old, while his brothers Henry and Walker are both 12. Kit has developed into a wonderful youngster by caring for his younger siblings because his fathers have a highly busy schedule and must spend the most of their time away from the house. Kit frequently cares after Henry and Walker, therefore he is their second parent.

Kit, the son of Matt Bomer and Simon Halls, came out as straight.

Kit’s unwavering affection for his father, Matt Bomer, and Simon Halls is undeniable. However, because many people are opposed to same-sex marriage, Kit has been bothered by the notion that his parents are not like other parents. He has been troubled by this issue for years, despite the fact that he does not speak about it very often.

Kit, unlike his father Matt and brother Simon, came across as a heterosexual guy. Instagram/mattbomer is the source of this image.

Kit chose to come out as straight in light of this. Kit came out to his parents, despite his parents’ wishes for him to wait a bit before revealing his sexuality.

Kit Halls, Matt Bomer’s kid, appears to be certain of his love preferences even at an early age and is upfront about it with his fathers. However, the actor stated that if his son’s heart changes, he and his husband, Simon, will be there to support and love their eldest child.

Matt Bomer’s eldest son Kit Halls is the godson of actress Billie Lourd.

Kit has a godmother who is also in the entertainment industry, despite the fact that his biological mother appears to be absent. Actress Billie Catherine Lourd is the godmother of Matt Bomer’s kid, Kit Halls.

This relationship was exposed by Kit in an Instagram post. If you’re unfamiliar with Billie Lourd, she’s an American actress most recognized for her role in the Star Wars trilogy and for being Carrie Fisher’s only child.

The San Francisco 49ers are Kit’s favorite team.

Kit Halls, like his father Matt Bomer, is a San Francisco 49ers fan. Matt and Kit are frequently spotted cheering for their team at their games. Kit inherited his father’s passion for the game. Who knows, maybe he’ll follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a football player for the Dallas Cowboys. Kit is currently having a happy life with his fathers, Matt and Simon, as well as his siblings, Henry and Walker.

Kit Halls is a name with a meaning.

‘Kit’ is a Greek unisex name that means ‘Bearer of Christ.’

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