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Meet King Khalid – Photos of Kodak Black’s Son With Baby Mama Jammiah Broomfield

Meet King Khalid – Photos of Kodak Black’s Son With Baby Mama Jammiah Broomfield

Kodak Black is the father of a 4-year-old kid named King Khalid Octave. On March 13th, 2014, the adorable King Khalid Octave was born. With his ex-partner Jammiah Broomfield, Kodak had his first child, King Khalid.

For a long time, Kodak Black had no idea that his son existed. Jammiah Broomfield, his baby mama, had remained silent about their son until he was one year old. Kodak didn’t find out he had a son until after that.

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Kodak Black’s son is the subject of a lawsuit.

Kodak Black and his baby mama Jammiah have been at odds for a long time over the custody of their kid King Khalid. To win temporary custody of his child, Dieuson Octave alias Kodak Black filed a lawsuit against his ex-partner Jammiah and a man named Tavon Jajuan Session, who could be Jammiah’s partner.

Jammiah Broomfield, Kodak Black’s baby mama, was sued for temporary custody of his kid King Khalid. Bossip and Getty Images provided the images.

Kodak Black had filed a motion for “temporary time sharing and other relief” in order to gain greater access to his kid King Khalid. The judge in Broward County Family Court, however, denied the request. The denial lacked specifics, although it could be related to Kodak’s pending criminal prosecutions.

Kodak Black, a juvenile rapper, has made various accusations against his baby mama, Jammiah Broomfield, and claims that she treats Khalid like an ATM. Every parent has the right to spend time with their children, and Kodak said he was sick of his ex-partner wanting more money every time he saw his son.

King Khalid Octave with his father, Kodak Black. Snapchat, courtesy of Kodak.

Bill K Kapri, who has changed his name to Kodak Black, also alleged that Jammiah only allows him to see his son if he pays her money. We pity the young King Khalid, who is forced to endure such adversity at such a young age.

The King of Saudi Arabia enjoys spending time with his father.

We can see Kodak Black’s young son imploring him to take him away in an Instagram video. King Khalid declares that he wishes to accompany his father, Kodak, on the trip. King will inherit his father Kodak Black’s estimated net worth of $2.5 million if Kodak gains full custody of his kid.

The Meaning of the Name King Khalid Octave

The name King comes from the English language and means’monarch or ruler of state.’

Khalid is a popular Arabic name that meaning “everlasting” in English.

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