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Meet Kimberly Violette Petty – Photos Of Tom Petty’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Jane Benyo

Meet Kimberly Violette Petty – Photos Of Tom Petty’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Jane Benyo

Kimberly Violette Petty aka AnnaKim Violette, Tom Petty’s daughter, was born in 1982. Tom had Kim with Jane Benyo, his ex-wife. Kimberly is her parents’ second kid, and she is stunning. Adria Petty, her older sister, is a filmmaker, and she has a step-sibling, Dylan Petty, with his current wife Dana York.

AnnaKim has a strong interest in fashion. She enjoys experimenting with different items, colors, and scents. Her outrageous outfit is so dazzling that it is regarded as art.

Petty also mentioned in an interview that one’s dress choice should be similar to music in that it should assist bring the globe together.

Anakim’s aversion to labor demonstrates that she does not like to follow the crowd in terms of fashion or art.

The Legal Battle Between Tom Petty’s Daughters And Wife Dana

As a battle for control of the late singer-catalog songwriter’s raged on, Tom Petty’s daughters Annakim and Adria launched a lawsuit against his widow Dana. According to BillBoard, Dana Petty’s trustee stated that her late husband’s daughters from a previous marriage, Adria Petty and Annakim Violette, made managing the estate as instructed nearly impossible.

Kimberly Viollete, Tom Petty’s daughter, and her sister are fighting her father’s widow Dana in court.

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Despite the fact that they had equal rights, Tom’s older daughter Adria seemed to want to be included in marketing, promotional, and artistic decisions.

After her father’s death, Annakim Violette was heartbroken.

Annakim, Tom Petty’s youngest daughter, was a close friend of his. She used to post images of the father-daughter duo having a good time all the time. Annakim converted her Instagram page into a tribute to her father after Tom Petty’s passing, including intimate photos and images from Tom’s renowned career.

She also claimed that members of The Heartbreakers were with their families in the hospital.

AnnaKim also expressed gratitude to her father’s followers for their support.

She enjoys traveling to numerous areas in addition to her professional activity because she does not consider herself to be from one particular section of the world. She also feels that despite having varied life experiences, there are a few people who can connect.

Annakim, in addition to being an artist, also runs a blog called ‘glass net.’ She has also acted in the short film ‘Dual’ and produced the film ‘Garden of Eden,’ which was written by Rachel Kolar and directed by Maximilla Lucas.

Kimberly William Petty is a girl’s name with a meaning.

The meaning of the name Kimberly comes from the English word ‘from the wood’.

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