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Meet Kelsey Pryor- Photos Of Richard Pryor’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Flynn Belaine

Meet Kelsey Pryor- Photos Of Richard Pryor’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Flynn Belaine

Kelsey Pryor, Richard Pryor’s daughter, is an American citizen. Flynn Belaine, Kelsey’s mother, is her father Richard’s ex-wife. Throughout their marriage, she was Richard Pryor and Flynn Belaine’s sole child.

Kelsey Pryor was born in October 1987 to her parents. In 2005, she appeared on her father’s comedy show, “Richard Pryor: The Funniest Man Dead or Alive.” Kelsey, on the other hand, is not the only child in her enormous family. Richard’s marriages to other women have given Kelsey many half-siblings, in addition to her mother Flynn.

Kelsey Pryor, Richard Pryor’s daughter, leads a low-key existence.

Kelsey Pryor lives quietly in Piero, Illinois, her father’s hometown. In fact, we feel Richard is looking down on her daughter from above, sending her loving wishes for the future. Kelsey, who is currently in her forties, is content with her simple life. Kelsey is also the adoring daughter of her mother, Flynn. Kelsey’s mother, Flynn Belaine, is still living, unlike her father, who died in 2005 at the age of 65. Flynn is a film and television actress.

Richard Pryor and Flynn Belaine, Kelsey’s parents, on the cover of a magazine. Jet Magazine is the source of this image.

Despite the dearth of knowledge about Kelsey’s whereabouts, she is most likely living a peaceful life in the countryside. Clearly, the famous daughter prefers to stay out of the spotlight and leads a simple life. Kelsey is also probably married to her wonderful husband and spends time with her lovely children.

Richard Pryor, Kelsey’s father, left her a large number of half-siblings.

Richard Pryor left a legacy of many wives and children from his multiple marriages, in addition to being a comedy legend. Kelsey has half-brothers and half-sisters from her late father Richard’s many children with his ex-wives. Rain Pryor, Kelsey’s half-sister, recently appeared on the show Where Are You Now and discussed the racism she and her family faced as children.

Renee Pryor, Elizabeth Ann Pryor, and Rain Pryor are Kelsey’s half-sisters. Richard Pryor Jr. and Franklin Pryor are the half-brothers of Richard Pryor’s daughter Kelsey Pryor. Steven Pryor, Kelsey’s biological brother, is also an actor.

Kelsey Pryor with her father’s family (bottom left). Image credit: BBC.

Similarly, Richard’s comedian father married three other women, including Kelsey’s mother, Flynn Belaine, who is Richard’s fifth wife. Patricia Price, Shelley Bonus, Jennifer Lee, and Deborah McGuire are Richard’s wives or Kelsey’s stepmothers.

Kelsey Pryor: What Does Her Name Mean?

The name Kelsey comes from the Old English word “Ceolsige,” which meaning “ship’s victory over pirates.”

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