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Meet Keegan Hawk – Photos Of Tony Hawk’s Son With Ex-Wife Erin Lee

Meet Keegan Hawk – Photos Of Tony Hawk’s Son With Ex-Wife Erin Lee

Keegan Hawk was born on July 18, 2001, to famed skateboarder Tony Hawk and Erin Hawk. Spencer Hawk is his brother, Riley Hawk is his half-brother, and Kadence Clover Hawk is his half-sister.

Tony Hawk’s son, Keegan Hawk, has inherited his father’s beautiful looks as well as his passion for skateboarding. He enjoys not just skateboarding but also photography and a variety of other activities. So, let’s get to know Tony’s kid Keegan a little better.

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Following in the Footsteps of Father

As previously said, Keegan inherited his father’s skating genes, which he is putting to good use. He skateboards frequently with his father and close pals. He hasn’t made it apparent, though, that he wants to pursue it professionally. We can only guess that he will carry on his father’s heritage.

Keegan Hawk, Tony Hawk’s kid, also has a great bond with his older brother Spencer. Both can be seen with their father and stepmother, Catherine Goodman.

Keegan spends time with his loved ones. Getty Images provided the image.

Tony used to carry his children about when they were small; as they grew older, they followed him around; today they are on their own. Tony must be really pleased with his sons.

His Father’s Secret Tape was discovered.

Tony’s kid Keegan once discovered his father’s sex tape, which was a really entertaining event. At the moment, he was seventeen years old. This is how the narrative goes. Keegan went into his father’s room to hunt for a phone charger while his father was out of town. He noticed a peculiar yellow glow emanating from the dresser’s top. It took him a bit to find out how to get up there, but once he did, he discovered a battered VHS video strewn about.

When Tony’s son Keegan saw his tape lying about, he was already divorced. Getty Images provided the image.

Keegan thought he’d uncovered his father’s skateboarding video, but he was in for a rude awakening. He was so certain that he had discovered a relic from his father’s golden age of skating that he brought his pals around to see it with him.

Keegan brought a few of his pals around to examine the videotape he had discovered. Tony’s Instagram is the source of this image.

When Keegan played the VHS footage, though, he was taken aback. “This isn’t skating, this is my dad boning a bunch of females!” he said as soon as the video started. “Everyone must immediately return home!”

When Keegan saw his father’s sex tape, he was in high school. Tony’s Twitter is the source of this image.

The story about the Birdman performing nefarious things quickly circulated over social media like wildfire. Tony was in England at the time for a series of commercial engagements. When asked about the hidden tape, he was taken aback.

Appeared on the show “Family Feud”

Tony and his family participated on the Steve Harvey-hosted show Family Feud. Keegan was fourteen at the time, and he scored 71 points during a part called Fast Money. The father-son combination later won the $25K prize money with the help of father Tony.

It wasn’t the first time the father-son combination had collaborated on a project. Tony Hawk and his son Keegan Hawk, as previously said, spend a large amount of time together. They also go on vacations and travels where they surf, ski, rock climb, skate, and spend quality time with one another.

Keegan Hawk is a name with a meaning.

Tony Hawk’s kid, Keegan Hawk, has an Irish name that means “son of Aodhagán” or “descendant of Aodhagán.”

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