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Meet Karma Bridges – Photos of Ludacris’ Daughter With Ex- Partner Christine White

Meet Karma Bridges – Photos of Ludacris’ Daughter With Ex- Partner Christine White

Karma Bridges, the daughter of rapper and actor Ludacris and his ex-partner Christine White, was born on August 10, 2001. She is Ludacris’s second daughter.

Ludacris, the rapper known for his song “One Minute Man,” is the father of four daughters. Luda is currently married to Eudoxie Mbouguiengue and they have a daughter named Cadence Gaelle Bridges. Luda also has a daughter named Shaila Scott, whose mother’s name has yet to be revealed, and a daughter named Cai Bella Bridges with Tamika Fuller.

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Karma Bridges, Ludacris’ daughter, has reached adulthood.

Karma, Ludacris’ second child, is now an adult who has matured into a stunning adolescent. Karma and her father have a wonderful relationship. She is already a social media sensation, with over 96K followers on her Instagram account “karma.christine.” Her Instagram page, like that of many other teenagers, is full of photographs of her having fun.

Karma Bridges, Ludacris’ daughter, is now an adult. Karma’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Karma also occasionally posts old images of herself with her father Luda, expressing her affection for him. This demonstrates their closeness to one another. Ludacris, like any other father, is concerned about Karma’s well-being. Luda once reuploaded a photo of Karma’s with a statement claiming that he had hired Obama’s former security to track her every step.

Ludacris, the artist, once got into a disagreement with Delta Air Lines over Karma. Karma, Ludacris’ daughter, had to take a flight to NYC but was traveling alone, which she was not authorized to do because she was under the age of 15 at the time, and the plane had a 4-hour delay, which was longer than the stated 1.5-hour layover. Luda took his daughter with him after a furious dispute, but after paying an additional $100, Karma was placed on the next available aircraft.

Karma’s Sweet 16th Birthday was a huge success.

Ludacris’ daughter Karma Bridges was given a white “Range Rover” by her father Luda when she turned 16. It was certainly a memorable birthday surprise for Karma. Ludacris’ caption indicated that he was not expecting to watch his child grow so quickly.

On his daughter Karma Bridges’ 16th birthday, Ludacris penned a nice caption for her. Ludacris’ Instagram account was used as a source for this snippet.

Karma and her friend Olina established a YouTube channel just a few months ago.

The Meaning of the Name Karma Bridges

Karma is a Sanskrit and Hindi word that literally means “destiny or fate.” Karma also means “what goes around comes around,” as noted on Karma’s Instagram account’s details page.