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Meet Kai Miles Land – Photos Of Sharon Leal’s Son With Ex-Husband Bev Land

Meet Kai Miles Land – Photos Of Sharon Leal’s Son With Ex-Husband Bev Land

Kai Miles Land, the son of ‘Dreamgirl’ actress Sharon Leal, was born on September 13, 2001. Her son was born to her and her ex-husband, Bev Land. John Aether Ramirez Land and Gaia Jissel Ramirez Land, Kai Miles’ half-siblings, are the children of Bev Land and his current wife, Dania Ramirez.

Bev Miles, Kai’s father, married Sharon Leal, an actress, in 2001. The couple divorced in 2006, just after Kai Miles was born. They appeared to have a cordial relationship with each other even after their divorce, and the reason for this was their son.

Sharon Leal and Bev Land are both equally invested in their child’s upbringing. Despite their divorce, they are working hard to provide Kai Miles with a better life. Bev and Sharon both moved on with their lives as time passed.

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Kai Miles Land has a close relationship with his parents.

Kai Miles, Sharon Leal’s kid, is extremely attached to both his father and mother. Even though Kai Miles lives with his mother, he visits his father frequently. As previously stated, Kail Miles is the tether that has kept this family together up to this point. He is the epitome of what a perfect son should be.

On his Instagram account, he has different images of him with his father and mother. Kai also has a close relationship with his stepmother Dania Ramirez. Kai Miles Land adores his half-siblings John Aether and Gaia Jessel as much. It’s clear that Kai Miles values each and every member of his family.

Kai Miles Land might be dating someone.

Annabella Hoge, Kai Miles Land’s college roommate, appears to be rather close to him. A couple of her images with the comment “I love her so much” may be spotted while looking through his Instagram feeds.

We’re not sure, but we believe Kai Miles Land and his supposed girlfriend Annabella Hoge are in a loving relationship.

Kai Miles Land is a name with a deep meaning.

Kai is a Hawaiian name that means “sea,” and Miles is a Latin term that means “soldier.”

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