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Meet Je’Niece Childress – Photos Of Late Bernie Mac’s Daughter With Wife Rhonda McCullough

Meet Je’Niece Childress – Photos Of Late Bernie Mac’s Daughter With Wife Rhonda McCullough

Je’Niece Childress alias Je’Niece McCullough, the late Bernie Mac’s daughter, was born on January 21, 1978, to his wife Rhonda McCullough. Bernie Mac and Rhonda McCullough raised her as their only child. Bernie Mac, Je’Niece’s father, was an American actor, comedian, and voice artist.

Her father died on August 9, 2008, which was a devastating news. Je’Niece was overcome with emotion. Her mother moved on with her life after the incident and married Horace Gilmore in 2011. Perhaps Je’Niece has moved on with her hectic schedule.

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Theatris Childress III is married to Je’Niece Childress.

Bernie Mac’s daughter, Je’Niece Childress, married Theatris Childress III in 2002. The pair appears to have had a love marriage that is still going strong. Their love for each other has not grown old, rather it has grown stronger. Je’Niece and Theatris have a lovely daughter together.

Je’Niece has remained tight-lipped about her daughter. As a result, we can presume she wants her daughter to be protected from the cameras that are all around her. Je’Niece, on the other hand, continues to share photos of her darling daughter on her Instagram account. The mother-daughter duo enjoys having all of the fun together.

Je’Niece also appears to be an inspirational woman, since half of her Instagram posts are inspirational statements encouraging us to live a better life. Who knows if she is willing to use her inspirational phrases to motivate others.

Je’Niece Mac, Bernie Mac’s daughter, is a writer.

Je’Niece, like her father, is interested in writing. We discovered that she had a blog through her Instagram account, where she writes on a variety of topics. She is a mother, daughter, and, as she describes herself, a student of life in addition to being a writer. She also has a YouTube channel on which she posts various vlogs.

Despite Bernie Mac’s celebrity in the entertainment business, most people are unfamiliar with his daughter, Je’Niece.

Rather than following in her father’s footsteps into the entertainment world, she decided to strike out on her own. She is currently enjoying a happy life with her family.

Je’Niece Childress – What Does Her Name Mean?

Je’Niece is a feminine name in the English language. The meaning is ‘God is Merciful.’

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