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Meet Jasmine Page Lawrence – Photos Of Martin Lawrence’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Patricia Southall

Meet Jasmine Page Lawrence – Photos Of Martin Lawrence’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Patricia Southall

Jasmine Page Lawrence, Martin Lawrence’s daughter, was born on January 15, 1996. She is the first child of Martin Lawrence, a comedian and actor, and his ex-wife Patricia Southall. The ex-couple married in 1995, but their marriage fell apart due to a variety of factors.

Iyanna Faith Lawrence and Amara Trinity Lawrence are Jasmine Page’s half-sisters from her father’s second marriage to Shamicka Gibbs, who separated in 2012.

Emmitt James IV, Elijah Alexander James, and Skylar Smith are her three half-siblings on her mother’s side. Patricia married footballer Emmitt Smith in 2000 after her divorce from Martin, and the couple has three children, one of whom is Jasmine’s sister.

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Everyone in the family adores Jasmine.

Jasmine’s parents divorced swiftly, leaving her with a bitter taste in her mouth. When Jasmine is in the spotlight, it brings up memories of Patricia and Martin’s connection for their followers. Despite her failed marriage, Jasmine, 23, maintains her pleasant demeanor when she spends time with her stepmothers and half-siblings. Except for significant events, she rarely posts pictures on social media.

Jasmine Page Lawrence, Martin Lawrence’s daughter, on her graduation day. Shamicka’s Instagram is the source of this image.

In 2018, Jasmine received her bachelor’s degree from Duke University, and Martin, along with his two ex-wives, attended with pride. Jasmine appears to have a large number of loving and supportive parents. Martin has shared a beautiful photo of the two of them together, in which he conveyed his joy at the birth of his first child. Shamicka Lawrence, Jasmine’s step-mother, shared her love for her daughter on Instagram, writing that being Jasmine’s bonus-mummy was the nicest gift she’d ever received.

Jasmine Lawrence and her half-siblings have a strong bond.

Jasmine has been a wonderful person and a kind half-sister to her siblings. You can constantly see her attending a huge event with her sisters, and her loving sisters were also present on graduation day. Shamicka Gibbs, Jasmine’s bonus mother, wrote on Instagram that she had loved her daughter since she was ten months old. Since she was a child, Jasmine must have had a sisterly relationship with her sisters.

The entire family gathers and celebrates major occasions together, which has provided a welcoming environment for Jasmine to grow her relationship.

During Jasmine Page’s birthday celebrations, Martin Lawrence’s family was present. BCK is the source of this image.

Lawrence, Jasmine Page: Meaning of Name

Persia is the origin of the name Jasmine. It’s a tropical flower with a pleasant scent. Depending on the country, the name of the page has a varied meaning. It means “horse merchant” in North German.

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