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Meet James Patrick Page III – Photos Of Jimmy Page’s Son With Ex-Wife Patricia Ecker

Meet James Patrick Page III – Photos Of Jimmy Page’s Son With Ex-Wife Patricia Ecker

Every rock fan’s heart tingles when they hear Led Zeppelin’s guitar solos, not to mention the emotion that each lyric carries. We can safely argue that Led Zeppelin is one of the most valuable items a rock fan can possess. Jimmy Page, the founding and lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin, was the man who made it all possible. Jimmy has had a rough history with ladies outside of his music business. Jimmy fell in love with American model Patricia Ecker when he was a young musician, married her in 1986, and divorced her in 1995. In April 1988, the couple welcomed their first child, a son called James Patrick Page III, into their nine-year marriage.

Let’s learn a little more about Jimmy Page’s son, James Patrick Page III.

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Belongs To The Visual Universe

James Patrick Page III, the Page family’s third son to bear the same name, has matured into a handsome young man. Fans frequently comment on how much he resembles his father Jimmy when he was younger. And, of course, he inherited his superb looks from his attractive rockstar father Jimmy Page and model mother Patricia Ecker. James has been heavily involved in the film industry, knowing the potential of his appearance.

In his youth, James Patrick Page III resembles his father Jimmy Page. Jimmy Page’s Facebook fan page is the source of this image.

James has starred in films such as Duet and Secession Path, and his good looks have made everyone sit up and take notice. Not only did he perform on screen, but he also directed other actors in documentaries such as From North to South Korea and Streetcar. He appears to be working as an assistant producer on the project ‘Professor Longhair, Rugged & Funky’ as of 2020.

James Patrick Page III, the gorgeous actor, in a shot from the film ‘Duet.’ Jimmy Page’s Facebook fan page is the source of this image.

We can see that James has put forth a lot of effort to pursue his passions and aspirations. And the consequences can be seen in his natural acting style and outstanding direction.

Siblings Get Along

James Partick Page III, Jimmy Page’s son, is not his only kid. James has four other siblings from his father’s previous relationships and marriages: Scarlet Page from ex-girlfriend Charlotte Martin, Jana Page and Zofia Jade Page from ex-wife Jimena Gómez-Paratcha, and Ashen Josan Page from ex-wife Jimena Gómez-Paratcha. Despite the fact that they were born to different mothers, James and his half-siblings are quite close.

His half-siblings are quite close to James Patrick Page III. Jana Page’s Instagram is the source of this image.

We can see how close the siblings are to one another and how much time they spend together. We hope James maintains a close relationship with his father, Jimmy Page, and spends time with him.

James Patrick Page III, Jimmy Page’s son, has a unique name.

James is a Hebrew name that means “supplanter” in English. Patrick’s middle name is of Irish origin, and it means Patrician; aristocratic.

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