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Meet James Miller Koman – Photos Of Ellie Kemper’s Son With Michael Koman

Meet James Miller Koman – Photos Of Ellie Kemper’s Son With Michael Koman

Ellie Kemper is an American actress, comedian, and writer best known for her roles as Erin Hannon in The Office and Kimmy Schmidt in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Ellie is a name that stands out among others, with a barrage of award nominations.

With several films and television shows, Ellie has simply been remarkable. Michael Koman is her husband, and they have two children together. In this post, we’ll focus on Ellie Kemper’s son, James Miller Koman, out of the two children.

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Ellie Kemper’s firstborn child

James Kemper, Ellie Kemper’s son, was born in July 2016. Ellie is quite quiet about her family on social media, but she did post the first photo of James on Today in 2017, describing him as “the prettiest baby on the earth.” James, being the family’s firstborn, brought a lot of personality, vitality, and happiness into the mix. James has been a wonderful son to Kemper. Kemper also welcomed her second child, Matthew Koman, into the world in 2019, making her family complete.

Ellie has two sons and is now a mother. Instagram/elliekemper is the source of this image.

Ellie Kemper claims that her son James loves the A Star Is Born soundtrack. Because the house’s soundtrack is rather standard, James has chosen one of the parts to be particularly amusing. When Lady Gaga says, ‘You know I don’t feel this way about everyone,’ Bradley Cooper responds with, ‘Good!’ When James hears this part, he busts out laughing. Furthermore, James has begun to say it and has turned it into a fun party trick with his mother, which makes her very happy:

We can observe the mother-son duo’s close bond just by looking at this small disclosure.

James Kemper, Ellie Kemper’s Son, Is Adorable

Despite the fact that Ellie Kemper and her husband have kept their personal lives very private, we have seen a few glimpses of James, and isn’t he adorable? Ellie first released a snapshot of James in 2017, and many thought he was one of the cutest babies they’d ever seen. The tiny boy is a spitting likeness of his mother, which only adds to his cuteness.

Kemper is now a mother of two, and having two small children comes with a lot of responsibility. Furthermore, she must strike the right balance between her roles as an actress and a mother so that neither is harmed. Let’s hope we see more of her as a mother in the days ahead.

James Miller Koman is a name with a meaning.

James is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, which meaning “supplanter” or “follower.” Miller is a name that could be derived from the Gaelic words’meillear,’ which means “big lips,”‘malair,’ which means “merchant,” or’maillor,’ which refers to a man in armor or a soldier.

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