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Meet James Hoke Dorough – Photos Of Howie Dorough’s Son With Wife Leigh Boniello

Meet James Hoke Dorough – Photos Of Howie Dorough’s Son With Wife Leigh Boniello

Howie Dorough‘s son James Hoke Dorough was born on May 6, 2009. Holden is the second child of the “Backstreet Boy” Howie Dorough with his wife, Leigh Boniello. The couple’s youngest child is Holden John Dorough, born on February 16, 2013. James Hoke is living a happy life with his parents and younger brother.

James’ parents, Howie Dorough and Leigh Boniello, were married on December 8, 2007. Apart from being a talented singer known for the boy band Backstreet Boys, Howie is also a loving husband and father. He spends quality time with his gorgeous wife Leigh Boniello and two sons, James Hoke and Holden John. Undoubtedly, the young and handsome James Hoke’s family is one of the lovely celebrity families.

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Howie Dorough’s Son James Hoke Dorough

Howie Dorough’ eldest son James Hoke Dorough is as good-looking as his mother. The mother-son duo likely enjoys spending time together. According to Howie’s Instagram post, Leigh Boniello recently celebrated her birthday with her loving husband and two children. With his good looks and friendly nature, James is surely a popular kid in his neighborhood.

It’s all credit to James’ parents, who are happily married for over a decade. Howie and Leigh have undoubtedly passed down their beauty and character upon their two adorable sons. Just like his younger brother Holden, James Hoke is a popular celebrity kid on his parents’ social media accounts.

Howie Dorough and Leigh Boniello’s son James Hoke Dorough (left) along with his brother, Holden John. Image Source: Howie’s Instagram.

Similarly, when it comes to sharing their cute and adorable pictures, both of James’ parents are forward in such matters. With over 35K followers on Instagram as of May 2019, Leigh Boniello leaves no stone unturned when it comes to showing off her two sons to the world. Likewise, “Backstreet Boy” Howie Dorough’s Instagram is also lit with his two sons’ pictures, which he shares with over 593K lucky followers. In other news, another Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, also has a handsome son named, Odin Reign Carter. We bet the  kids play together whenever they have a gathering.’

James Hoke Dorough: Name Meaning

James is a name that derives from the Hebrew name “Jacob”, which means “one who follows”. Hoke comes from the German “hoke”, which means “small trader’.