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Meet Islah Koren Gates – Photos Of Kevin Gates’ Daughter With Wife Dreka Gates

Meet Islah Koren Gates – Photos Of Kevin Gates’ Daughter With Wife Dreka Gates

Kevin Jerome Gilyard, an American rapper, musician, and entrepreneur, is a proud father of two children. On October 17, 2015, he married Dreka Gates, his long-time lover. Islah Koren Gates is the married couple’s daughter, and Khaza Kamil Gates is the married couple’s son.

Islah Koren Gates, Kevin Gates’ daughter, was born on November 30, 2012, and Khaza was born on May 9, 2014. Kevin’s wife claims that their children are a blessing in disguise, and that she adores them. So, let’s learn a little more about Islah, Dreka’s baby girl.

Kevin’s First Album Was Named After His Daughter

Kevin Gates’ first album, titled after his firstborn, was released on December 11, 2015. When asked why he titled the album after his daughter, he replied, “It’s because she’s my daughter.” Kevin just had one thing to say: the record was titled after his daughter Islah to signify the lessons he’d learned from having her.

Kevin went on to say that having his daughter taught him to inform, improve, and make a better guy out of himself. He also mentioned that he not only has biological children, but that he has taken in the children of his buddies who have gone to prison. Being a father has also given him a new perspective on how he spends his money. He can’t just buy anything he wants since he has to look after his children. We can see that his primary concern is for his children, and this is what distinguishes him as a wonderful person.

Kevin once handed a gun to his daughter.

Kevin Gates’ daughter was observed with a gun on February 16, 2020. Kevin himself had posted a brief video to his Instagram account. We could see little Islah clutching a rifle roughly half her body weight in the video, and she seemed relaxed. When her father Kevin inquired about the pistol, she replied, “It’s wonderful.”

When the video went viral, many people wondered why Kevin would allow his daughter to touch a pistol. Kevin, on the other hand, would not have given his daughter a loaded rifle. Kevin’s caption also stated that it was for his own safety. In addition, the rifle appears to be a toy. Kevin may be preparing his child in case something happens to her.

Mother Dreka’s Approach to Raising Her Children

Mother Dreka shared a photo of brother Khaza on May 10th, 2019, in which she claimed that she gave birth to both of her children by water delivery. She gave birth to her children in an aqua doula birthing tub. It was a blessing, she said, because both of her pregnancies and births were easy, and she had a great experience giving birth to her darling little ones.

Dreka cherishes the time she spends with her children. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Apart from that, Dreka enjoys spending time with her children. But while she is gone much of the time working, she can be seen playing with her children, taking them to parks and beaches, and having a good time with them whenever she is at home.

The four-person family also enjoys going on adventures, visiting new places, and traveling. They’ve also visited Disney Land, where we’re sure they had a great time riding the rides. The four-person family appreciates each other’s company and enjoys spending time together.

The meaning of the name Islah Koren Gates

Islah Koren Gates, Kevin Gates’ daughter, has an Arabic name that means “reform.”