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Meet Isaiah Tota – Photos Of Christina Milian’s Son With M. Pokora

Meet Isaiah Tota – Photos Of Christina Milian’s Son With M. Pokora

Christina Milian is an American actress, singer, and composer who was born Christine Marie Flores. She is a well-known vocalist who has recorded and released multiple hit albums. All of her records have helped her achieve enormous fame and fortune. Christina has established herself as a superb actress in addition to being one of the most talented vocalists.

Christina has had tremendous professional success without a doubt. She’s also a wonderful partner and mother of two children. Christina Milian is happily married to Matt Pokora aka M. Pokora, a well-known French singer. They have a kid named Isaiah Tota and are expecting their second child shortly. Christina was previously married to musician The-Dream and had a daughter, Violet Madison-Nash, with him before marrying M. Pokora.

Now, let’s learn more about Isaiah Tota, Christina Milian’s son with M. Pokora, and his whereabouts.

Is M. Pokora Christina’s first child?

Christina Milian is happily married to French singer M. Pokora, as previously announced. She had an unfruitful relationship with a few other singers after her divorce from The-Dream. In August 2017, she began dating M. Pokora. On January 20, 2020, Milian gave birth to their first child, Isaiah Tota, after three years of dating. They married in December of the same year.

Christina Milian and her current husband, M. Pokora, have a son. Christina Milian’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Christina Milian’s son, on the other hand, is not her first child. She already has one daughter from her ex-husband, The-Dream, as previously stated.

Both parents are professional musicians.

Christina Milian is a wonderful mother of two children, as previously said. Isaiah Tota’s father and mother are also musicians. Christina Milian’s debut album, Christina Milian, was published in 2001, and she has since released several more albums. She is regarded as one of the most gifted singers in the United States.

Similarly, Matthieu Tota, often known as M. Pokora or Matt Pokora, is a well-known French singer and songwriter. Matt Pokora (later changed to M. Pokora) was his debut solo album, which he released in 2004. He has subsequently released more than 5 albums. He, like Christina, is an actor who played Duncan Rosenblatt in the Cartoon Network movie’s French dub.

The parents of Isaiah Tota are well-known artists. Christina Milian’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Because Isaiah Tota and Violet Madison Nash’s parents are both musicians in the entertainment world, the half-siblings may follow in their footsteps. However, learning about their future ambitions is still a long way off. However, we hope kids achieve the same level of accomplishment as their parents.

Has a Sister-in-Law

Isaiah is Christina’s sole son with M.Pokora, however he is not Christina’s first kid. Her ex-husband, The Dream, gave her a daughter, Violet Madison Nash, whom she named Violet Madison Nash. Violet, Isaiah’s half-sister, was born in February 2010 and is approaching adolescence. She adores her little brother. Violet, according to Milian in an interview with US Magazine, is quite helpful and keeps an eye on him while they are both busy.

Isaiah Tota, Christina Milian’s kid, has a half-sister on his mother’s side. Christina Milian’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Violet and Isaiah enjoy a great brother-sister relationship. Violet posts photos of her infant brother to her Instagram account. Their parents also post movies and pictures of them having a good time.

The face of Christina Milian’s son is yet to be revealed.

M.Pokora and Christina are parenting their son with a lot of love and care. Christina’s daughter has her own Instagram account, which is managed by her mother. Christina and her husband, on the other hand, have kept their son’s identity a secret. People are aware that she has a son, but they are curious about his appearance and who he looks like. While posting any family images, his parents filter out or obscure his face.

Christina’s children are celebrities in their own right. They have already achieved enormous reputation as the children of musicians.

Is Set To Become A Big Brother

Isaiah Tota, Christina Milian’s infant boy, who already has an older half-sister, will soon be a big brother. Isaiah’s parents announced that they are expecting their second child 10 months after Isaiah’s birth. Christina has shared several photos of her growing baby bulge and appears to be looking forward to welcoming the new arrival.

Despite this, Christina and M. Pokora have kept their son out of the spotlight and the media, and they are all doing well.

Meaning of a Name

The name Isaiah comes from the Hebrew language and means “God Is Salvation.”

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