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Meet Isaiah Michael Barnes – Photos of Gloria Govan’s Son With Ex-Husband Matt Barnes

Meet Isaiah Michael Barnes – Photos of Gloria Govan’s Son With Ex-Husband Matt Barnes

Gloria Govan’s son, Isaiah Michael Barnes, was born on November 6, 2008, and is a member of the ‘Basketball Wives’ cast. Little Isaiah weighed 5 pounds 14 ounces at the time of his delivery. Gloria and her ex-husband Matt Barnes had a son named Isaiah.

Carter Kelly Barnes, Isaiah’s younger twin brother, was born alongside him. There is a six-minute time discrepancy between the twin brothers. They don’t have any siblings apart from each other. Anansa Sims, their father’s partner or Matt Barnes’ girlfriend, is currently pregnant. So Isaiah, who is rather gorgeous, could be getting a half-sibling any day now.

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Isaiah Michael Barnes is a well-known Instagram user.

Gloria Govan’s 10-year-old kid is well-known on Instagram. He has an Instagram account called “theisaiahbarnes” with over 2000 followers as of November 2018, however he has yet to post anything. He does, however, have another Instagram account called “thebarnesboys,” which is handled by his mother, Gloria Govan. It has more than 29.4k followers and is full of images and videos of him and his younger twin brother Carter Kelly.

You can see how close Isaiah Michael is to his brother Carter Kelly if you read the entire article. The twin brother duo is known for spending a lot of time together. They go swimming, play basketball, golf, and soccer matches together in addition to going to school together. They also wear matching attire a lot, just like the rest of the twins.

Carter Kelly Barnes, Isaiah Michael Barnes’ younger twin brother. thebarnesboys/Instagram is the source of this photo.

People are frequently perplexed while establishing who is who. Gloria Govan’s son Isaiah Michael has his hair down, while his sibling Carter Kelly keeps his hair up.

Clothing Collection

Gloria Michael, Isaiah Michael’s mother, runs a clothing brand called “Kelly Michael.” Gloria launched the clothing brand with Christopher Heller, a kindergarten teacher. Sweatshirts, coats, t-shirts, and other items are among the items available.

Carter Kelly Barnes (R) and his brother Isaiah Michael Barnes (L). thebarnesboys/Instagram is the source of this photo.

The Meaning of the Name Isaiah Michael Barnes

Yesha’yahu, a Hebrew name that signifies YAHWEH is salvation, is the origin of the name Isaiah.

Michael is a diminutive variant of the word mkh”l, which meaning “Who is like God?”

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