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Meet Indigo Esme Collins – Photos Of Luisa Zissman’s Daughter With Andrew Collins

Meet Indigo Esme Collins – Photos Of Luisa Zissman’s Daughter With Andrew Collins

Luisa Christina Kalozois, better known by her stage name Luisa Zissman, is a well-known entrepreneur and reality television star. Aside from that, the television celebrity is well-known for finishing second in the ninth season of The Apprentice and finishing fourth in Celebrity Big Brother 13.

Luisa is a devoted mother of three daughters from two previous marriages, in addition to her excellent career and achievements in the British entertainment world. She gave birth to Dixie Zissman, her first daughter, with her ex-husband Oliver Zissman, and Indigo and Clementine, with her second husband, Andrew Collins.

Please read the article to learn more about Indigo Esme Collins, Luisa Zissman’s daughter, and her daily life.

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Luisa Zissman’s eldest daughter with Andrew Collins

Adorable baby Indigo Esme Collins is the eldest daughter of Luisa Zissman and her adored companion Andrew Collins, who is a television celebrity. Luisa and Andrew, a lovely couple, received their first child, Indigo, on August 2, 2016, at 9:21 p.m. The baby girl was born at the Portland Hospital in London.

Luisa, Indigo’s mother, shared a touching photo of her manicured fingers clutching her baby’s little hand. Luisa spent the night in the hospital and had to be induced throughout the weekend before her daughter arrived, so the good news came as a pleasant surprise.

Following the birth of her second kid, the Apprentice Star received a flood of congratulations. The 33-year-old reality TV actress, who already had Dixie from her first marriage to Oliver Zissman, expressed her joy at being reunited with her family of four after being in the hospital.

The Mother of Indigo Esme Collin astounded her fans.

Luisa, a previous Apprentice contestant, stunned her admirers by posting a photo of her absolutely flat stomach. Indigo Esme Collins, her second child, was born just a week before the shot was taken.

The post was flooded with comments from her fans who couldn’t believe what they were seeing. She also revealed that she was going on a horseback ride just a week after her child was born.

Has a Sister-in-Law

Luisa Zissman’s kid has an older half-sister named Dixie Zissman, whom her mother Luisa welcomed in 2010 with her ex-husband Oliver. Dixie’s parents like to keep their personal lives private, therefore nothing is known about her.

Indigo’s half-sister, on the other hand, must be content with her mother, stepfather, and younger half-sisters.

Indigo Zissam, Luisa Zissam’s daughter, enjoys spending time with her sisters.

Indigo Esme Collins has an older half-sister and a younger sister, as previously stated. Indigo appears to be having the time of her life, based on her mother’s social media pages. She enjoys spending time with her sisters, playing games and traveling to new places.

Indigo Esme Collins enjoys playing with her younger sister and half-sibling. Instagram photo courtesy of Luisa Zissman.

Indigo’s mother, on the other hand, does not want her children to grow up in the spotlight. As a result, she posts photos of her daughter with her face hidden.

Andrew Collins and Luisa Zissman’s daughter, Indigo, often travels to various destinations with her parents, half-sister Dixie Zissman and younger sister, Clementine Saskia Collins. She enjoys horseback riding. Moreover, Indigo Esme Collins’s parents are more than happy to have been blessed with cute daughters. They often share their sweet memories with their daughters on their social media account.

Name Meaning: Indigo Esme Collins

The term Indigo is of Greek origin, which signifies Indian dye. Similarly, the middle name Esme is of Old French origin and meaning to love.