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Meet Hillary Dixon Hall – Photos of Model Tyson Beckford’s Mother

Meet Hillary Dixon Hall – Photos of Model Tyson Beckford’s Mother

Model Tyson Beckford’s mother, Hillary Dixon Hall, is a proud mother. On the 19th of December, 1970, Hillary gave birth to Tyson in Rochester, New York. Lloyd Beckford is her husband.

Jordan Beckford is the grandson of Hillary Dixon Hall, who is also known as Hillary Beckford. Jordan Beckford is Tyson Beckford’s son from his former relationship with famous stylist April Roomet. Jordan, Hillary Dixon Hall’s grandson, was born in the year 1998.

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Hillary Beckford, Tyson Beckford’s mother, avoids the spotlight in the media.

Hillary Dixon, despite being the mother of one of the most popular black models, maintains a life away from the spotlight. She has no social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and thus has no link to the world of social media. Not only that, but Hillary avoids the press and does not make many public appearances.

In the past, Tyson Beckford’s mother made only sporadic appearances in the media, but it appears that she has stopped doing so as well.

At Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2005, Hillary Dixon Hall was seen with musician Mashonda. Getty Images is the source of this image. .

Hillary Dixon Hall, Tyson Beckford’s mother, is a Chinese Jamaican. People frequently inquire about Tyson’s ties to Chinese heritage, which we can thank Hillary for because Tyson acquired some Chinese genes from his mother.

Hillary returned to Jamaica with her family after giving birth to Tyson, where they stayed for a few years before returning to New York and settling in the Bronx.

Hillary Dixon Hill, a.k.a. Hillary Beckford, during a public function. Getty Images provided the image.

Children of Hillary Dixon Hall

Aside from Tyson Beckford,

Patrick Beckford, Hillary Dixon’s son, was also born. Patrick Beckford, Tyson Beckford’s brother, was murdered by criminals who intended to steal his jewels.

Tyson Dixon, Hillary Dixon’s son, is an American model who is widely regarded as one of the most successful male models in history. He is well-known for being the Ralph Lauren Polo model. Tyson Beckford was also named the greatest male model of all time by Vogue magazine in 2014. We’re sure Tyson Beckford’s mother was ecstatic about what her son had accomplished at the moment.

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