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Meet Hazel Gordy – Photos Of Berry Gordy’s Daughter and Jermaine Jackson’s Ex-Wife

Meet Hazel Gordy – Photos Of Berry Gordy’s Daughter and Jermaine Jackson’s Ex-Wife

Hazel Gordy, a former model and media personality, is best known as Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife. Jermaine Jackson is Michael Jackson’s younger brother and is married to Halima Rashid.

Berry Gordy and Thelma Coleman gave birth to Hazel Gordy on August 24, 1954, in Michigan. Her marriage to Jermaine did not endure very long. Autumn Jackson, Jaimy Jackson, and Jermaine Jackson, Jr. were their three children. After Jermaine Jackson cheated on Hazel with another mistress, Berry Gordy’s daughter Hazel and son-in-law Jermaine Jackson became media darlings.

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Hazel Gordy, Berry Gordy’s daughter

Berry Gordy’s eldest child, Hazel Gordy, is Jermaine Jackson’s ex-wife. She has a deep love for music when she was a child. Her father is a musician, therefore there were plenty of opportunities for her to realize her goal. She was homeschooled in music. That, however, did not last. Hazel didn’t quite make it as big as she had hoped. She never became a musician after she divorced her now ex-husband Jermaine Jackson, and she appears to have ceased working on it since then. It appears that Hazel Gordy resigned for whatever reason.

At their wedding, Hazel Gordy was joined by her father, Berry Gordy, and ex-husband, Jermaine Jackson. Image credit: The Daily Mail

On December 15, 1973, former couple Hazel Gordy and Jermaine Jackson married. Berry Gordy’s daughter Hazel would find that her husband was cheating on her with his mistress, Margaret Maldonado, nearly 14 years later. She attempted everything she could to save their relationship, but they eventually divorced in 1988.

In the same year, Jermaine and Margaret had a kid. Hazel got custody of her three children after the divorce. Despite their nightmare divorce, Jermaine and Hazel appear to get along well with their children.

Hazel Gordy, Berry Gordy’s daughter, has children with ex-husband Jermaine Jackson. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Hazel is rarely seen on social media these days, and she has attempted to stay away from the spotlight since her divorce from her ex-husband Jermaine. Jermaine, her ex-husband, has married twice since then. Hazel, on the other hand, remained unmarried and moved on.

The Meaning of the Name Hazel Gordy

In English-speaking countries, Hazel is a common name. It’s either the tree’s name or the hue.