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Meet Harper Renn Smith – Photos Of Tiffani Thiessen’s Daughter With Husband Brady Smith

Meet Harper Renn Smith – Photos Of Tiffani Thiessen’s Daughter With Husband Brady Smith

Tiffani Thiessen married Brady Smith on July 9, 2005, after making us fall in love with her through her portrayal of Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell. Harper Renn Smith and Holt Fisher Smith are the couple’s two great and lovely children.

Harper Renn Smith, Tiffani Thiessen’s daughter, was born on June 15, 2010, and Holt, Tiffani Thiessen’s boy, was born on July 1, 2015. Harper weighed eight pounds and three ounces when she was born. She is the couple’s only daughter and their firstborn, so it’s understandable that they have a strong affinity with her. She is the tiny princess of her father and the little angel of her mother. Let’s get to know Harper Smith a little better, shall we?

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Tiffani Thiessen Has a Daughter Who Is Her Mini-Me

It should come as no surprise to Tiffani’s followers that her daughter has inherited her beauty and her stunning blue eyes. Tiffani Thiessen’s daughter is like a miniature image of herself, not just in terms of appearance but also in terms of interests. Harper, like her mother Tiffani, is a tremendous fan of Andy Grammer. The mother-daughter duo enjoys performing his song together, and we have to say, they are quite talented.

Tiffani Thiessen and her daughter are quite fond of spending time together. Getty Images is the source of this image.

Furthermore, at the 11th Annual Rookie USA Fashion Show, the mother-daughter duo walked down the runway hand-in-hand. They wore Levi’s outfits for the performance, and tiny Holt was seen on the side of the ramp cheering on his older sister and mother. Tiffani’s kid may be young, but she has modeling experience, having previously modeled for Gymboree’s Olivia brand.

Harper is walking down the ramp with her mother, Tiffani. People are the source of this image.

In terms of personal interests, the two are big fans of the Remembering Lions series. It’s part of the Wildlife charity book series, and it has a foreword by Jonathan and Angela Scott. They are simply very similar, and they like spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.

Brady’s Laughter

Brady is well-known for being a jovial individual. It’s no wonder, then, that he enjoys having fun with his children. He can be seen riding and playing basketball with his children. Harper and Brady may also be seen shopping for their beer, and locating daddy’s beer is a lot of fun. He is a witty individual who enjoys having a good time with his children whenever and wherever he can.

Harper enjoys her father’s company, Brady’s. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Furthermore, papa Brady enjoys spending time with his little princess. Despite his hectic schedule, he frequently takes time away from work to spend quality time with his daughter. He is a wonderful parent and friend to his children, and we are confident that his children agree with us that he is a fantastic father.

A Beautiful Daughter

Brady Smith’s daughter is clearly a beautiful and sweet young lady. It’s all thanks to her parents, who instilled in her the qualities of kindness and generosity. The four-person family is ideal. They live life to the fullest, with each holiday bringing something new and interesting. Also, with such a fantastic family, they are bound to have a great time together.

In addition, Harper is close with Mario Lopez’s children, Dominic Lopez, and Gia Francesca Lopez. They might be seen having a good time in the backyard or even inside the house. Harper is a nice young lady, a wonderful daughter, and a wonderful friend who enjoys having fun and spending time with her family. Harper is also a devoted sister who cherishes her little brother. She looks after him and, more importantly, they have a close bond.

Meaning of the name Harper Smith

Harper Smith, Tiffani Thiessen’s daughter, is an English name that means “harp player.” Renn, her middle name, means “rebirth” in Latin.