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Meet Hank Roddick And Stevie Roddick – Photos Of Brooklyn Decker’s Children

Meet Hank Roddick And Stevie Roddick – Photos Of Brooklyn Decker’s Children

Brooklyn Decker, an American model and actress, is the proud mother of two children. Hank Roddick, Brooklyn Decker’s son, and Stevie Roddick, Brooklyn Decker’s daughter, are Brooklyn Decker’s children.

With her spouse Andy Roddick, she had both of her children. The gorgeous couple exchanged wedding vows in 2009 and have been together since then.

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In the year 2015, Hank Roddick was born.

4-years-old Hank is the family’s oldest child. He has a younger sister named Stevie Roddick as of 2019. Hank Decker, Brooklyn Decker’s son, was born in Los Angeles, California in September 2015.

Brooklyn Decker, an American model, spends her weekends and vacations with her husband and children. Zimbio is the source of this image.

Hank dressed up as a demonic pumpkin for Halloween 2018 in a demonic pumpkin costume. “He (Hank) called it a cute monster but he actually was a satanic pumpkin,” Decker said about her son’s costume, according to People.

On Halloween of 2018, Hank Roddick dressed up as a demonic pumpkin. Brooklyn Decker’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

The four-person family seemed to be living life to the fullest. Decker frequently, though not always, posts photos of her children on her Instagram account. She makes sure not to display their faces, though.

The Cutest In Her Family Is Brooklyn Decker’s Daughter

Stevie Roddick was born to Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick in the year 2017. She is the youngest in her family, as previously stated. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model’s gorgeous and cute child is currently in primary school.

Stevie Roddick, Brooklyn Decker’s daughter, was born in the year 2018. Brooklyn Decker’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Stevie’s father is a former tennis player, and her mother is a well-known actress and model who also has her own technology company. Stevie was born to parents who pursued completely different careers. She may follow in their footsteps or strike out on her own as an entrepreneur.

Actress Brooklyn Decker cried as she dropped her kids off at kindergarten for the first time.

After seeing her 17-month-old daughter Stevie off to school for the first time, the actress broke down in tears. Brooklyn used her Instagram account to document and share this significant moment.

The mother with two children inquired,

Without a doubt, the adorable children will grow up and accomplish something positive in their lives, making their mother pleased.

The Meaning of Brooklyn Decker’s Children’s Names

Hank Roddick is a masculine name with the meaning “estate lord” in English.

Stevie Roddick: Stevie is a worldwide name that means “crown, victorious” in Greek.

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