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Meet Haley Joy Kotb – Photos Of Hoda Kotb’s Daughter With Partner Joel Schiffman

Meet Haley Joy Kotb – Photos Of Hoda Kotb’s Daughter With Partner Joel Schiffman

Haley Joy Kotb, Hoda Kotb’s daughter, was born on February 15, 2017. Hoda and her spouse, Joel Schiffman, adopted her as a youngster. Haley has a baby sister, Hope Catherine, whom her parents adopted in April of this year. Haley, who is now two years old, is getting ready to start pre-school next year.

Hoda, Haley’s adoptive mother, has survived breast cancer. After unable to conceive through normal means, the Today Show host and her boyfriend Joel adopted two beautiful kids. Haley and Hope, a sibling duet, live with their adoptive parents in a lovely and relaxed environment.

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Haley Joy Kotb, Hoda Kotb’s daughter, is a lovely young lady.

Hoda Kotb’s battle with breast cancer was won without a doubt. The announcement comes as a comfort to supporters of the NBC co-anchor. Hoda’s previous illness, however, prevented her from conceiving a child through her womb. In 2017, the couple decided to adopt a newborn baby girl. Haley Joy was her name.

Hoda and her partner Joel are made happy by Haley Joy’s smile. Hoda’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Haley Joy was, without a question, a joy to the family. As a result, the daughter has spent more than two years with her new parents. Haley’s pleasant and lively personality brightens her parents’ days. Hoda, ecstatic, just threw a spectacular birthday celebration for her newborn girl Haley.

Haley Joy has a great time at her second birthday party! Hoda’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Haley Joy has a bright future ahead of her because she is still young. She could one day follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a well-known television personality. Let’s hope Haley isn’t too disappointed when she learns that Hoda and Joel aren’t her biological parents.

Haley Joy Kotb was given a sister by her parents.

Little Haley’s life is full of adventure. Her adoptive parents felt she needed a companion with whom she could have fun. That is why Hoda and Joel, an unmarried couple, decided to adopt another baby girl.

Hope Catherine is Haley Joy’s sister, and she provided a pail of hope to the Kotb family. Who knows, maybe Hoda is thinking about adopting another child. Who knows, maybe Haley and Hope may have a sibling brother this time.

Haley Joy Kotb: What Does Her Name Mean?

Haley is a spelling variation of the surname “Hayley,” which means “wood, clearing, meadow” in English. “Delight” or “happiness” is what joy signifies.

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